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    I did not know that Stalin could have been poisoned.

    And this is where we get the game "Kremlin"
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    Anti-Tank Ditch MF cost to enter (B27.56)

    However, you can either be in the AT Ditch or on the outside - so somehow it needs to show the entrance costs.
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    Anti-Tank Ditch MF cost to enter (B27.56)

    They tend to be a little deeper than a Trench - so I suppose that is the reason for the extra MF.
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    Anti-Tank Ditch MF cost to enter (B27.56)

    1. No normal COT - but if you wish to enter into the AT Ditch then it costs 2 MF + COT instead of 1 MF + COT for a Trench 2a. 2 MF 2b. 2MF
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    Second Hand News - ROMA 2

    I was able to sneak in a face-to-face game yesterday with John Haughey of “Second Hand News” – ROMA2 featuring board 86. I had the surrounded Germans and John had the Partisan/Italian force. The Germans are 5-4-8 SS with 2 Stugs, and the Italians are mostly 4-4-7 and 3-4-6 with an ELR of 3, so...
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    Is Dashing allowed via a Narrow Street (B31.11)?

    you have it right there in the rules for B31.11 - Dashing is NA
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    KGP and American Jeeps

    I am not looking at the rules, but one is scrounged as a medium and the other as a heavy MG.
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    YOU CAN'T HANDLE... Board 86

    Where's your sense of adventure :)
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    YOU CAN'T HANDLE... Board 86

    My best guess barring other modifiers is that it would be a minimum +6 for Bog, based on the +3 for woods and the +3 for wooden building. For Infantry bypass that is covered in the EXC midway through A4.31. [EXC: the building in building-woods hex 2I9 can be Bypassed along the I9-J9/J9-J8 Open...
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    New Items up at MMP - Best of Friends 2, Roma 2020 and AP 15 Swedish Volunteers

    I hope designers will use board 85 (FrF A) which is a fun board to play. Good move by MMP!
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    MAC.OS - Installed 3.4. VASSAL which blocks my 3.2.17 and 6.5.0 Version

    i just worked with a friend who has some knowledge of MAC. I would up creating a separate VASSAL icon for 3.2.17. To answer your question - I found 3.2.17 in the archive for MAC OS and was able to download it into my Downloads. However, the 3.4.3 seemed to override the 3.2.17 and I could not...
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    MAC.OS - Installed 3.4. VASSAL which blocks my 3.2.17 and 6.5.0 Version

    I was having issues with downloading another game from anther company so I downloaded VASSAL 3.4 and I hit replace instead of Keep Both. This has caused me to be able to open other games, but I cannot open VASL. I tried downloading VASSAL 3.2.17 but I cannot get that to work. I am using the...
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    Hatten Advice

    I played the US and decided to fall back slowly conceding the easy victory areas to the Germans. I drew a line in the middle which allowed me to get my reinforcements to help hold that line (I did keep pressure on the RR Station hex and only lost it for two turns - the gravyard is a last day...
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    FfS Q+A

    I believe that in the CG the entrenchments would either come from the initial OOB or would be purchased as part of the FPP.