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    Seeking Boot Hill game or Gamma World / Boot Hill crossover

    Howdy, I took a break from role-playing for quite a few years and picked it up again during the pandemic. I would like to play Boot Hill (or something similar) but can't seem to find a game. Also there doesn't seem to be a "Boot Hill" tab on Roll 20. I would also like to play a Gamma World /...
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    Many thanks for new version- Highlight red circle on map now works!

    Many thanks for the fix, IT design people!
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    How do I load Crucible of Steel extensions? -I am missing tanks for Steamroller

    Many thanks- good so far! Great weekend!
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    How do I load Crucible of Steel extensions? -I am missing tanks for Steamroller

    Hi everyone, Congrats to relevant parties for new VASL version- I can now use Highlight Red Circle on Map! I am trying to play Steamroller. I can't seem to find 2 German tanks, or the Churchhill. Opponent has them. Trying to figure out how to get them. BFP Opponent says load VMDX extension...
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    Crucible of Steel - VASL Opponent

    Hi Neil, Great! I sent an Instant Message ~John
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    Looking for Live VASL Game

    Kinda like to play something with Joseph Stalins in it (the AFV, that is)
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    The U Scenarios

    Alright!!! Are we on?
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    PTO - Blood and Jungle

    I am definitely interested in learning some more PTO. I was playing my friend, and he had to step back due to family matters. I'm pretty sure we were playing Buckeye Blitzkrieg.
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    Crucible of Steel - VASL Opponent

    I definitely want to do some of them!
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    Seeking PTO Playtesters for a Sangshak project. Apply within if interested

    I might do some of them. It's been a few weeks. Sounds fun!
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    Looking for Live VASL Game

    I might be up for one or 2
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    The U Scenarios

    I would prolly be willing to try one of them. Been a few weeks so I might've forgot some rules.
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    Live VASL Weekdays

    I am in. I am on East Coast US. Been a few weeks. Suggestions for scenarios?
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    Problem with red circle on map / auto convert to 6.6.1?

    Howdy Doug, I hope the following summarizes. I cannot physically scroll down far enough to click "accept" changes to the preference, ie, highlight shows red circle on map Is the following helpful? Thank you, ~John Jan 22, 2021 Hi all, I have a difficulty with the red circle on map function...