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    The ultimate ASL preach

    1 squad deploys into 2 squads...
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    SP246 Triggerline Zoebel - AAR

    Actually the mouse drag threshold tip is pure gold. Danke
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    The ultimate ASL preach

    Protozoan counters now!
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    Long March CG

    That, sir, was rude. A gentleman might have replied "I'm sorry. I wasn't aware that Paul had passed away." YMMV
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    SP246 Triggerline Zoebel - AAR

    With apologies to Herr Oberst you can accomplish a similar line up by setting up your 1/2" counters in a line on the board then selecting the whole lineup and moving it off board. Not quite OCD but maybe good enough to fool the uninitiated.
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    The ultimate ASL preach

    A protozoan walks into a bar...
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    Altering songs for ASL: The Weird Al Effect

    I love to belt it out in kareoke (sp?) sessions. Mahaps I'll use the new lyrics. Can't sing worth a d**n, though.
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    Altering songs for ASL: The Weird Al Effect

    My mother was a tailor She sewed that new feldgrau My father was a gunner man Down in old Rheingau
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    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    Format NA. I'll play anything. How about a "woofers" tourney with a catchy title like "Dogs of War" or "Laugh it up, fuzzball". Hard to come up with a way to score it, though.
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    Turnscrew Sniper

    If you roll a 3-6 there is no sniper attack, or am I missing something?
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    Let me take a crack at this one, if only for my own self. A vehicle can assume three basic states: stopped, non-stopped, and moving. These states are perfectly explained by sparafucil, Eagle4ty, et AL above. The rule syntax moving/non-stopped should be read moving and non-stopped, moving or...
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    AP4 / ASL186 L'Abbaye Blanche - AAR

    Herr Von Marwitz Thanks for the detailed narrative. I learned a few things about bocage, which I have not played much and that you can Intensive Fire SMOKE, which I never realized.
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    New members introduce yourself here!

    atago44 Welcome back! Armchair ASLing is what I did also for many years as I expect many here have. Your story is very familiar. If you ever get to a point where you would like to play, you might consider PBEM using VASL. With a willing opponent, and there are many, you can spend whatever...
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    Star Wars ASL

    East Side Gamers Zombie pack was somewhat of a hit, as I recall. Go for it!
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    Perry Likes

    Depends on whether you're the hacker or the hackee