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    How Do You Have All Units From All Games In One Data File?

    Hi Pat, Its been along time since I post here :) Question, If I have AATF, which I do by the way, does it have all the weapons capabilities from the newer games, ie RT, TFW, TSAC, or do I have to install one on top of each other to get the weapons capabilities? JohnO
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    Defending the Lillypad

    hell, I didn't know there was a Deployment spreadsheet? This is interesting.
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    Arranging Re-inforcements.

    Did you look here for your question Tutorials JohnO
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    101st BCT organization

    I have posted the HBCT OOB at the TacOpsHQ. You can go here to download it HBCT OOB I need to touch up the 3rd Aviation Regiment before I post it. JohnO
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    101st BCT organization

    I have the 2dBCT/502d Brigade Combat Team (Air Assault) at about 90% complete. I need to changes some names to the units and check again the avaition units. I will post this OOB sometime next week along with the HBCT that is finished at the TacOps wiki site. JohnO
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    101st BCT organization

    Was it the 2SBCT that your asking about? If so I have it all on my laptop :D I also have the 3HBCT if you want it. I have also the Airborne and Air Assault IBCTs as well. All of these OOBs were built with current TO&E documents. JohnO
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    101st BCT organization

    Hi Bongotastic, I can help you out. I'm on vacation for the holidays until Jan 2. I went home for the holidays, haven't seen my wife for a long time. I have my laptop with me and will look but all the Tacops OOBs that I have built is on my main computer at my apartment. So if you can wait...
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    Bir GifGafaa - 1956 (TSATC)

    It takes a while for the maps to loadup. It may have to do with the size of the files, not sure. John
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    Bir GifGafaa - 1956 (TSATC)

    Nice Bil. Dam good AAR. Now I will have to play Attack on Jenin and write up an AAr. John
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    Battle Along The Tziepov

    Nice Pete. Where's the screenshots :D got to see screenshots :laugh: JohnO
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    Anyone encountering any dropouts?

    I'm back from Fort Dix. Will start as soon as I get in contact with my opponent today. John
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    TOAW III New Player Workshop - Enrollment

    I noticed that as well. When the HQ moves without flak it seems to get punch right at the get go. But when it moves as well as the flak it fires at the aircraft and causes less damaged to the HQ element. Learn something everyday playing TOAW III :yummy: Or am I seeing things again without...
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    TOAW III New Player Workshop - Enrollment

    Now that I reread your previous post. I understand what your stating. Back to drinking some more coffee :rolleyes: John
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    TOAW III New Player Workshop - Enrollment

    Now I'm still learning, but couldn't you also divide unit up to three units, which i did and they still have a range of 5 hexs. So I could spread the arty forces around to cover more hex's Does this make sense? John
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    Revised Two Weeks in Normandy

    Yes I see it, I'm still recovering from the last battle with Siberian Heat. I'm getting ready for the next battle with SH, I'm glutting for punishment :OHNO: John