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    Handgun at ASLOK

    The question going through my mind is - did everyone at ASLOK let him win all his games :)?
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Thanks Derek - good to hear from you (again). You'll be disappointed to learn that your trophy was worth 99p to someone............which is 99p more than Nige gave me two years ago👍
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    Tourney Scenario Picks

    Hart Attack has been used in two tournaments here in Europe. So that one is OK..........
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Xavier - please rest assured that I am not one of your detractors. I have enjoyed all your products and look forward to more, especially Kohima :) I even enjoy the cartoons, but having played Alexandre at Villeneuve I would like to point out that he is not THAT slow. Thank you to you and...
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    A happy co-incidence then :) And I will not have to punch my Forgotten War counters 👍
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Xavier, I should have asked you what is the story behind this product please. Whose idea was it? Who developed it (was it the same people behind Cholm)? Why choose Seoul? How much playtesting did you do? Forgotten War only came out in 2018 so congratulations to you and your team on such a quick...
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    Xavier why do you insist in making my life more expensive :)..........many thanks to you and the LFT team for what is no doubt going to be another great product.
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    ASLOK officially OPEN

    Magnus - why am I not surprised that you played the first game :) Have a great week...........
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    Who knew the Nazi's invented the cluster bomb?
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    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    Please don't take this the wrong way because it is meant to be constructive - but I am a great fan of keep it simple. Just something out of the box that you can play with the normal basic rules - like Hatten. The game is complicated enough as it is "no perfect game of ASL has ever been...
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    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    Give it to the boys at Le Franc Tireur to review would be my final thought - they did a great job with Cholm...........
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    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    Would agree about the colours - are there other choices available? It must be hard to get it right, Desperation Morale reviewed some Critical Hit products (Cassino was one) and stated they were various shades of brown. That map looks to have gone too far in the other direction? Maybe someone...
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    Ukrainian Army Commercial- 'the shovel'

    Mmmm - know a family who visit a family in the Ukraine. They are in the Hungarian speaking part. According to them the draft for military service falls more on the Hungarian speakers than the ethnic Ukrainians.
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    WWII - Contest to kill 100 people using a Sword

    And yes, it was of course the Japanese..............