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    EA newb questions

    Hi, I'm about to kick off my first EA and first TOAW PBEM game. My opponent has played EA 5 times so I'm trying to learn a little before I do my first turn. I posted some questions over on Matrix but I'll post here in case the audience is different. We are using TOAW4 and the version of EA that...
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    1939 - A smart Allied move

    For god's sake - by all means please explain. ty.
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    Operation Typhoon pbem

    Thanks for the reply Brickie. How long roughly does it take you to play a turn for this scenario as Soviets or Germans?
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    Operation Typhoon pbem

    So what's your opinion on variants that should be used? I guess the one that adds German forces shouldn't be used for PBEM? Also what was the next battle? Was it the reverse of this game or some other scenario/game?