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    ASL food

    TKuila -- on my mind due to a kind gift from a client today....
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    ASL Copyright Status

    Hasbro owns them....
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    Quite fun, but tough on the Marines, we think....
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    ‘Best’ large scenario?

    On Date 3 of that one now -- two Marine players, one Japanese.
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    Waffen-SS Counter Storage and What Not

    Can you say "fart" on this platform?
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    Vehicular red B#

    JRV would be proud of that one, @Tuomo !
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    ROAR updates?

    JRV does not frequent these forums.... Might want to try him on Discord.
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    Onslaught at Orsha module query

    OtO II is much improved, including having quite a few new scenarios (a couple of which I playtested).
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    The Battle of Manila 1945

    I find it hilarious that ASL players can be such tender souls! Cheers, and just play more ASL.... (Sorry if I am being the semi-stereotypical obnoxious ASL player....) Namaste!
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    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    Better Call Saul final season -- it was very cool seeing an extended scene at one of my village's best New Mexican restaurants. Played many a game there with my kids while waiting for breakfast. Also seeing the Albuquerque Country Club, where I've been to many estate planning professional...
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    Dispatch #53 just transmitted

    I just soloed AP184 (The Order Of War), which should work wonderfully three-player (Ami, NK, and SK).
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    Problem Saving Games

    And maybe restarting your computer. "When in doubt, reboot...."
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    Hero usage MG and Mortar

    Nope! "15.24 HEROIC DRM: A hero/any FG (even if just another SMC) he is part of (providing the hero is firing at Normal Range of either his inherent FP or his weapon counter) may deduct one from its IFT/CC resolution DR...." A hero has to be firing his inherent FP at normal range, or a...
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I just got issues 15 and 17 from them for the Korea content.
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    Moon Phases

    Terrapin Station....