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    #74: Dinant Day 2

    We'll try to keep that pesky Rommel character away from the clearance attempts!
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    #74: Dinant Day 2

    Thanks for all your hard work on that HASL! Looking forward to sinking some assault boats, and I guess that we will buy roadblocks!
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    #74: Dinant Day 2

    Carl, are they also NA in the initial scenario?
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    What is up with ROAR?
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    ASL scenarios featuring close relatives

    My wife's grandfather, an Iowan, was a BAR man in the armored infantry company depicted in DB129 (Silencing Sinzig) and DB143 (Fausts at Wethen). He didn't like to talk about the war, either. Interestingly, the combat command commander in the first action was a graduate of the New Mexico...
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    MMP Journal 14 - Pre-Order is UP!

    But I haven't finished playing through the J13 scenarios!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played it solo and had a blast. One of a handful of scenarios I've rated a 9 on aslscenarioarchive.
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    WO Bonus Pack 2023

    Klas is a class act....
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Thanks, Doug! Perhaps dig out your can of anti-Gremlin spray!
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    Anyone ever purchase the PSW 222 in Red Barricades?

    NRBH, but only MG MA? Found it, A9.3. Also, per A8.3, IFE can use Sustained Fire.
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    Journal 13 errata and the eASLRB

    For the PB, I keep copies of the Journal errata pages tucked in the book, and use colored highlighters to mark the affected rule sections, a different color for each Journal sheet. Works OK.
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    Le Franc Tireur 15

    I ordered direct from LFT....
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Indeed, the center turned out to be the weak point and was penetrated, but the FB was ineffective and the 45L platoon was unexpectedly effective. Also, should have deployed to the max for better initial probing! As to the failed PMC, it does not happen to me this early in a scenario very...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    FT306 was pretty interesting, but the Germans failed their PMC on Turn 5 after losing all but one AFV....