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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    Jean-Francois Fortin and Aaron Cleavin will play DB139 [A Hard Rain's Gona Fall] with Jeff's brave Australians trying to slowly crawl under Aaron machinegun bullets. Cheers
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    VASL Desert League Round 1 Matchups

    Will Willow and Jean-Francois Fortin will play OA31 - [With Friends like These] with Will's Americans trying to silence my French guns. Cheers
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    Hillock LOS to level 1

    Yes indeed, crest line block LOS to lower levels but in preparation for the scenario, I read the hillock rules (no easy task) and I'm puzzled by F6.6 regarding hillock summits, which are level 1. Consider the illustration. Reading F6.6, there seems to be a los as indicated because the summits...
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    Hillock LOS to level 1

    We are getting ready to play G45 Halha River Bridge and I have a question regarding hillock LOS. See the illustration. The dune is High and all hexes west of the river are at level 1. Does a LOS exist between J6 and C3?