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    AARs for James Sterrett's 23 October 2004 CPX

    Ah - further clarification.... :) The Host in a multiplayer teams game can choose to run 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 simulation minutes every time TacOps executes a turn.
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    AARs for James Sterrett's 23 October 2004 CPX

    Chaim's referring to the real-time I permitted for players to enter orders each turn, not to the sim-time elapsed during each turn. :)
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    CPX Fester Wille 22 Jan 2005

    I agree - in a perfect world, we'd have kept them as one unit. However, I didn't want to break up the desant companies, so I didn't have a lot of options, so I hoped we'd get some suppression out of the single tubes.... I think that any leg unit under a arty spalsh marker, in TacOps, gets...
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    CPX Fester Wille 22 Jan 2005

    Red Commander's AAR Red Commander’s AAR: Fester Wille, 22 January 2005 James Sterrett Ralf Pichocki set up this CPX mid-December after another one fell through. Red got to work on analysis and the operations order in early January. About two weeks before the game, we had our orders out...
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    Umpire Tool: Manage Ammo

    This tool would allow the umpire to deplete the ammunition levels on selected units. Selecting units and then selecting the "Manage Ammunition Levels" menu item brings up a float; what is active on the float depends on the units selected. If all units are *identical* in type, then the tool...
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    simulating a depleted unit

    Reminds me of a feature I've been meaning to request - deplete ammo. :)
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    OT: List weirdness?

    No trouble here....
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    Database request

    Quick tip: open one of the Custom scenarios - then you have no units to place or entry points to set.
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    TacOps Tactical Discussion Group #2 - Red Defense

    Yep - finished yesterday, and was bloodier than it should have been due to my screwups. :(
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    CPX December 4

    Welcome to Red, John - contact Hub for planning info. Email me if you need his email address.
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    Simulating MRSI, and something completely unrelated.

    Which - come to mention it - is something I've had cause to be grateful for on a number of occasions over the years. Thank you. :)
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    CPX December 4

    Congrats: you are Blue Commander. :) Info on the way in the mail.
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    CPX December 4

    Unfortunately, this isn't likely to be short; expect 6 hours. I do need a Blue commander/planner, though!
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    CPX December 4

    Hub is Red force commander (via email), though I'm sure he's happy to have some help!
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    CPX December 4

    OK, understood. :)