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    ITALY WIN THE WORLD CUP [Deserves New Thread]

    Congrats Italy.
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    Photoshop Tutorial List

    Thats because version 3.5 uses different links than the older version. For example, new links are like this; Old links; So therefore, it doesn't recognise them. I'll change them... :) EDIT: I done it now, they...
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    hi all

    Hi ario, Welcome to Sengo. Click here for those tags.
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    This Site The Bomb

    There's a bomb in the Sengo Forums. :eek: Just kidding. :) I'm glad you like it. :) You have been a pretty descent member too, apart from the odd spam around a few places. But overall you have been good, Keep it up. ;)
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Yeah i know, it just crept up on me again because of the advert i've seen on TV. :D
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    I'm loving this tune right now. Maroon 5 - She will be loved
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    lets talk psp

    I got to admit it, that is quite funny, but it's also quite harsh on Lik-Sang.
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    I'm listening to: 2 Pac Ft Elton John - Ghetto Gospel TOK - When You Cry (Made me Cry!:D)
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    Im Back!!!!

    Thanks :) You could call it that if you want. :D
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    Im Back!!!!

    Hey, how many more times do i have to warn you, please don't double post.
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    Give Me some love

    Hey, How you doing? Nice Avatar.
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    Hey!, welcome to Sengo.
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    Me..myself and my PsP

    Welcome to Sengo. is the number 1 PSP website. Why would you want more? :)
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    Another new member >^^<

    Well she is one mean pretty lady. :p Welcome satsugai.:D
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    Great the thread is in 'The Zone'. Here's the link.