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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Just started a game of Victory Games Civil War yesterday with my cousin. We're still on phase 1 of turn 1; no doubles rolled (yet) so both of us are running out of command points, reinforcements and generals to put in. Maybe one more turn each and if still no doubles we'll be moving on to turn...
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    NFL Draft

    The '12 Colts are in the same place (relatively speaking) as the '98 Colts. They gave up a questionable QB (Harbaugh, Manning) for a #1 draft pick (Manning, Luck) while it was a question mark as to who would be the more successful NFL QB (Manning, Leaf; Luck/Griffin III.) They definitely struck...
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    Trouble uncovered in the NFL?

    My first thought was New Orleans based on the way they pounded on Warner and Favre in the divisional and NFCCG a few years back. Re Favre I don't think I've ever seen so many late and deliberately brutal hits on one individual as in that game, and I've watched the NFL for nearly 50 years. I was...
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    SuperBowl XLVI

    "Elway's problems began with the way he entered the league. He had a perception problem more than anything else." It's kind of funny/odd that Eli Manning did exactly the same thing Elway did without catching the same amount of heat. I guess 25 years is what made the difference in how similar...
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    Who is gonna win the Bowl?

    Sorry, I'm posting late but I decided this yesterday. It'll be a close game, with a few weird things like an early safety that's be important later in the game. The Giants will make a super comeback late in the game, just like in '07. The winning touchdown might prove controversial. Brady will...
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    Most dispicable attacks during WWII?

    I buzzed through these looking for this one; if this is redundant my apologies: The 1944 Russian halt outside of Warsaw and everything connected with that event.
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    The Ethics of Scenarios With SS

    Reminds me still of the Yoko Ono woman in "The Rutles, 'All You Need is Cash.'"
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    "Big Ten" just gets weirder

    It's pretty hard to go with the Ohio State Division and All the Others divisions but that would probably be the best names. The conference has been popularly known as the Big Two & The Little Eight for as long as I can remember anyway (and I'm not a B-10 basher, just a realist. I was born at the...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    That's it! Thank you very much.
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Thanks, Spense. I do have a few more questions, lol. (Actually I've got 100 of them; maybe my questions will help some other newby not be a pain...) Anyway... I was browsing through some ASL-theme websites and found an article about certain games being dependent on other games; in fact they...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    "1st will be fine for you...the rules are essentiallythe same, just some cleanup and fine adjustments in 2nd Ed. If Ian (custardpie) can get you the Chapter E, you'll be good for awhile. Don't get me wrong, though, ASLRB 2nd Ed is simply the best money you can spend on ASL, but probably not a...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    It appears I got the first edition, Ch. A. is 44 pages. Well looks like I'm going to have to make do for now, but I'll keep an eye open for an inexpensive (!) 2cd ed. When I get Yanks! I'll make sure Ch. E. is enclosed though. What is the policy on listing sites that sell used games? Perhaps...
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Thanks armstrong. I didn't get Chapter E with my volume; A-D, H and J only (plus the Russian and German armories.)
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Hi all. Call me Indy. I'm from Lafayette, IN and love my Colts! I'm 60 and have played war games since the mid-60s, starting out with D-Day, Stalingrad and Blitzkrieg. I started getting into SL when it was first published but unfortunately my playing partners lost interest or relocated and I...