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    Shrubbery Rules Anyone?

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    Monkey With Typewriters (Past & Present) *WHERE ARE THEY NOW*?

    Yeah on the ASL Archive search for "Battles of Carpiquet" "Ostfold" and "Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation" Those are the scenario pack titles. There is a link on each landing page for the scenarios
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    Wanted dead or alive: Articles on bunkers

    Both copies of Forward Observer can be found on View from the Trenches website under "Files and Resources"
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    AAR - No Farther - CH15

    The Archive reports designers "PM/MI". I assume the PM is Pete Mudge. The MI has me stumbled.
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    Genesis II question

    Thanks for the info. Everything I read about the battle mentioned trenches :). Is Grain treated as Woods? read that in an AAR but woods in the Sinai seems wrong
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    Genesis II question

    Push to Um-Katef #18 - do the runways exist or does a SSR remove them? Thanks
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    When you just can't find that perfect board

    Here's the notorious board
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    Nor'easter XXIII Mar 21-24, 2019: Battleship Cove update

    Old Salt: "Let's drop some lead on those motherf---"
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    Vic Provost needs your help

    Very good issue, Vic. Glad to hear you are feeling better also.
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    LSSAH 6 - Normandie

    Great. And thanks for the ASL for Fun scenarios.
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    Vic Provost needs your help

    #47 in a week or two? Beautiful. bump
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    FrF69 "To Ashes" overlay help

    I need the coordinates of the two X overlays. Merci Beaucoup.
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    AAR - The Playing Field - RO6

    "We had blocked off the sewer entrance with a big box of old CH modules." - classic!
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    Soldiers of the Negus help

    Thanks much
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    Soldiers of the Negus help

    "Circle the Wagons" overlay question - W3 wadi I need the location hexes on bd 31. Thanks!