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    #37: Tired and Unsupported

    Another great episode, guys! One small note -- the volume between you guys requires me to be adjust the volume button throughout the video -- Dave's volume is low and Martin's is high. Is there a way to address this? Keep up the great work. It's very appreciated!
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    SMC manning a MG. ROF verification

    We were both couldn't remember. Classic overthinking.
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    SMC manning a MG. ROF verification

    Correct, to my knowledge. Curtis Brooks and I and this come up in our last game. A review of the rules yielded no mention of a ROF penalty.
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    J114 Marketplace at Wormhoudt SSR OBA question

    Note: Vic confirmed the "simplified" interpretation in a private message. Thanks to all for the help!
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    J114 Marketplace at Wormhoudt SSR OBA question

    This was essentially my interpretation -- a simplified way to be sure to get an OBA mission down. I felt I was clear until I looked up the reference to the observation plane, then started to doubt myself. Tom cleared up the issue about the sighting attempt. So, at worse the observation...
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    J114 Marketplace at Wormhoudt SSR OBA question

    OK, no sighting task check. Good. So, once I do accuracy dr and it lands wherever it lands, it converts immediately regardless of what is there, I.e., a concealed unit, unconcealed unit or no unit(s) at all...correct? Since there is no draw pile, there is no extra chit to take since the SSR...
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    J114 Marketplace at Wormhoudt SSR OBA question

    An SSR-specific clarification is needed before we start this game tomorrow. Re OBA SSR3 states " an SR (battery access is automatic), roll for accuracy (treat the observer as an observation plane: E7.6); Accuracy occurs on a dr of 1, and extent of error is halved (FRU); this...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I finished up my last scenario of 2020 today – 233 Failure to Communicate – a really nifty France ’40 encounter that was a real puzzle for both sides. I had the defending French against Vic Rosso's Germans. It had been a few years since Vic and I played so it was especially enjoyable. The...
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    Manila HASL - Good news, Bad news

    Sarge, is there a rundown of what is included in the module, e.g., final number of and size/type of scenarios, CGs, counters, etc.? Any other intel? Too, a "total update" of the MMP site is great to hear. Thanks!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Hmm. He was completely silent on that topic :). I miss seeing you at TCASL, Tom. Hopefully the new year will give us an opportunity to connect.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I wrapped up OTO23 Cooked Hamman out of the second edition of Bounding Fire Production's (BFP) Onslaught to Orsha (OTO). The dr gave me the defending Germans against Curtis Brooks’s Russians. It’s a two-board city fight with the Germans fighting a delaying action with the VC being the Russian...
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    ASL Superstitions

    Naming my leaders. The best one always named Norris. Or Norrismeyer. Norrisov. Norriski. Norriseau. Norriselli. Norrisaki...
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    ASL Journal 13

    Errata or alternative counters in the Journal is a great idea. If MMP can't do that, another alternative is to provide the images of said counters in the Journal (or online?) that could be printed. Lord knows I have excess dozens of foxhole counters jangling around in a ziploc bag somewhere...
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    Jackson has just posted that Paul Weir has died.

    I am so sad to read this. I always appreciated his positive, helpful spirit. My condolences to is family and friends.
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    Dispatches from the Bunker 2020 Holiday Sale

    Vic, does the $2 off include renewals? Yes, it does (I'm sorry for being dense, just read it in the emporium thread -- as you suggested)