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  • Hi Doug, sure, why not? let's give it a try. However, I think it's a bit of a silly scenario, to be fair, since it's an ambush and ambush scenarios usually have problems because ASl doesn't model it well. Sorry for late replay I haven't checked on here for a while and I didn't get an email from GS about your PM! send me an email: marchanna.games@gmail.com thanks Marc
    Hi Marc

    I have been having a discussion with Stew about the scenario "The Price of Impatience" from the first ASL annual. He has asked me to play a game as the Germans and submit the log files to him. Would you be interested? Sorry about the brief message: there is a 420 character limit!

    Kind regards

    Doug Leslie
    Hi Marc,

    That would be great, I have all the official modules. I think PBEM doesnt help that much as I will, Im sure have many questions. VASL/FtF would be perfect.

    All the best

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