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    Yes, I'd like to try it. I've played VLOG files with a couple of other games, but nothing as...

    Yes, I'd like to try it. I've played VLOG files with a couple of other games, but nothing as complex/interactive as the movement/DFPh of ASL, but I'm sure it will make general sense to me. My e-mail is
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    How do you do movement and defensive fire in a PBEM game?
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    ISO Dedicated VASL Opponent US Central Time

    I'd like to play two to three times a week in sessions that go 2 to 6 hours in duration. I'm in US Central Time and find it easiest to play North American opponents. In general I can play afternoons, evenings and weekends. I use Discord (Heliodorus04@8098) for voice comms. I'm an experienced...
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    ASL Vassal and hearing impairment

    Makes sense. Do you find that it 'trains' you to play differently than if you were playing Face to Face?
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    ASL Vassal and hearing impairment

    I will have to look up a tutorial for playing by E-mail then. I'm again having trouble imagining how defensive first fire works, but I'm sure I can figure it out. Thank you all for replies.
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    Pacific War by VG Vassal

    I recently purchased a copy and would love to play Vassal some time.
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    Face to Face Denver Colorado

    I was not aware of the gaming on Hampden. That's close enough that I can attend, but I would need to know for certain I have an opponent before I make the trip. I've heard of the Gryphon Games 3rd Sunday in Fort Collins (I've recently joined FRASL's yahoo group), but I almost always work...
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    New Vasl Player: managing expectations

    I am in GMT minus 7, Mountain Standard Time. How does one even play by e-mail?
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    ASL Vassal and hearing impairment

    Well, I'm looking for a game of ASL, OR, Hell's Highway (both via Vassal). For ASL, I want to play scenario A33 "Tettau's Attack" (from ASL Annual 91) because it's small, it has a combined 15 squads, and no ordinance, plus I need to learn the interface. I have already created a file with the...
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    New Vasl Player: managing expectations

    I have a thread over in the Vassal forum regarding the fact that I don't use audio/microphone because of an impairment, and up to now I have never played anything in Vassal except X-Wing Miniatures. I would like to give ASL on Vassal a try (emphasis on try). What I want to know is how likely...
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    ASL Vassal and hearing impairment

    I am hearing impaired and therefore I have no use for dialogue with my opponent. For the longest time I thought I would leave Vasl ASL alone for that reason. It may still be a bad idea, but, what do ASL players anticipate will be the difficulties of playing ASL in the Vassal medium with an...
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    The best tabletop wargames ever!

    Hell's Highway by Victory Games (1983) Operation Market Garden, operational-level game. Solitaire Friendly (it's the only way I play it). PROs: Small map footprint for an entire Market-Garden game. Apporachable rules that are easy to learn and take practice to master Pretty map (for 1983)...
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    How is the Advanced Tobruk System different than Advanced Squad Leader?

    I honestly am a committed (returning after 20 years) ASL player, and over the years I saw this system and had two thoughts: 1) How is it different than ASL? 2) The role of ASL has already been taken. A little research here indicates this game is dead, but I don't know why. I'm just curious. I...
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    XOne Tombraider Dual Person Survival Mode

    Anyone play Rise of the Tombraider and own the aftermarket DLC for Survival Mode? I love Survival Mode (20 days is my max but I could go more) and I don't know anyone to play it with. My gamertag is the same as my account here. Or send me a message.