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    Board 77.

    For non-PTO, I'm thinking "Russian farming community" in the mid board saddle. Lots of in-season grain for HIP AT guns.
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    J188 Grab And Go - AAR

    Great AAR, shows what the Russians can do with the ability to deploy; something they usually can’t call upon. Nice write up.
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    AFV CMG & acquisition

    Thanks for the replies, folks.
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    AFV CMG & acquisition

    If my AFV (with B11 MA) moves in the Movement Phase, can I fire the CMG in the AdvFire Phase (at half FP) to place a -1 Acq counter (1/2") for the MA for the following turn's DefFire Phase?
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    Armoured Assault and Delay MP's

    Thanks Klas, I don't like stopping those beasts until they're in the best possible position, then they can just stay where they are and shoot, not much kills a KV-2 in '41.
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    Armoured Assault and Delay MP's

    I have Russian AFV with 9 Red MP's (KV-2's) who wish to use Armoured Assault with squads (in Platoon Movement). As the tanks can only go as far/fast as the foot infantry (6 Open Ground hexes in this case, as the squads are going CX); and I wish to keep the tanks In Motion at the end of their...
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    when is a unit eliminated for "failure to rout"?

    NRBH but I think your correct, in that: once your broken unit routs and finds itself in a FtR situation, it dies immediately. I'm pretty sure they don't stay around to be swept off the board at a later part of the Phase.
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I think you’ve hooked a few in, Michael R. Reel ‘em in slooowly.
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    Question on Mission 12: Besieged, msr #7

    I don’t have the Mission card handy; but my interpretation would be: all actions (including auto actions) occur normally; but if an Enemy unit is called upon to Move, their direction is predetermined i.e. toward a VPO (rather than rolling a random direction using. Hex rosette).
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    Gap in Wall and LOS

    Thanks Randy
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    Gap in Wall and LOS

    Can units at ground level trace a line of sight through the gap (gate?) in a wall depiction when neither unit are in the wall hex? e.g. Board 43 M9 to R9. Note: the LOS does not run along an entire road depiction. Or does the wall block LOS regardless of the gap depiction?
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    Motorcycle bypass & dismount questions

    Please correct me if I’m wrong: motorcyclists use MP expenditure, therefore can use Vehicular Bypass; motorcycles cannot enter a building obstacle; it costs 1 MF (1/4 MPs) to dismount a motorcycle. Can I move a motorcycle squad, that has already used 1/2 its MPs during the Movement Phase...
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    IIRC Le Hamel was held by the Germans for most of the day, it was the hardest nut to crack on the shoreline for the Commonwealth forces on D-Day.
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    Jitter Fire producers

    Sorry to offend: “Dead but still purring” seems apt in this awkward moment.
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    Jitter Fire producers

    They were my first ports-of-call, with no results. Thanks Top, looks like they are from Colorado (and defunct).