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    | Graphic Competition #3 |

    anime christmas...? Spidey Christmas...?
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    Le Grapique Competition

    i'll enter soon
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    Le Grapique Competition

    woot pokemon
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    Asking for Alba

    i really wanna try an alba sig but i havent got any good enough renders. do any of you have any coz i really need it. thanx:surprise: :clown:
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    I need an Assasins Creed avatar

    hydiho forum followers. do any of you guys have any decent renders of ff 13 or assasins creed. i really want to make an avatar with one of these and i dont have any renders. much appreciated hayec004
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    New siggy

    c'mon anybody else. dernz and moltar, youb guys there? i need help
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    New siggy

    here they are i would like some comments guys. help us out and
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    Line Art tag

    cool sigs but they are pretty much copies and are identicle
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    Graphic Comp - Halloween Special

    kewl. ewans is good but i dont like the jack thing. it doesnt suit the rest of the sig. which is pretty good
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    Fried Chicken.

    its a pretty good sig but i'm not a big fan of samus. chuloopa what is with the avatar. its nice but OMG!
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    My First Try

    he he he. its better than most peoples first try but he obviously needs more work. i needed it to get to where i am now and i'm not that good as it is. everybody needs to constantly prqactice to get good
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    My First Try

    erm... ok if its the one you have in your sig at the moment then its better than my first attempt mine was kinda sucky. but yeah the brushes advise is good.
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    Hamsters Vs Bannanas roleplay

    what. i was talking about the hamsters not me. i know i cant play guitars but i like to have the choice of being able to. bananas dont have fingers
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    Hamsters Vs Bannanas roleplay

    you can only play one chord over and over again. with little human fingers we can play a multitude of songs at lightening quick paces
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    Hamsters Vs Bannanas roleplay

    yes but........ bananas dont have hands where as hamsters have pretty much got mini human hands meaning that if you are a nana then you cant play your guitar