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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Strat-O-Matic Baseball. Currently replaying the 1951 World Series. Great Battles of History. Currently replaying Utica. Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage Command and Colors I have only played one ASL scenario in the last 13 months and that was an SK scenario, Retaking Vierville. Nice thing...
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    Rules I dont like

    I can't say I really dislike any of the Chapter A-D rules. The two red card/chit rule that eliminates OBA is a bit extreme especially if you draw them back to back without drawing a black. Some scenarios are doomed when this happens but lately designers seem to mitigate it with the auto black...
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    ROAR - scenario balance - etc.

    I use ROAR more for finding out what is being played heavily than the balance. I figure if it has a lot of playings recorded than there must be something interesting in the scenario beyond the balance. Not having ROAR though would be a bit of a bummer in that it does create a lot of dialogue...
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    ASL Scenario Hall of Fame

    The super seven Jungle Fighters - Fighting Withdrawal in the PTO. Merzenhausen Zoo - Crocodile heaven or hell depending on which side you have. Descent into Hell - Gliders landing right into the fray. One of the few I have played more than once. My only recommendation is NOT have...
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    "The General" ..question

    Yeah but than ebay would be flooded with the collections of the paper version Generals which would go for big bucks. Hmmm, maybe that's a good thing ;)
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    Scenario title puns or Examining the The Tigers Wrecked' em

    ? When this thread first took off I could not for the life of me "get" the title. I got Schwerpunkt #10 today and while looking through it the lightbulb finally went off. Ba da bum ! Still, the best titles are the Russ Meyer titles. You know which ones those are ;-)
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    Hasbro, Multi-Man Publishing Ink Licensing Extension

    Let's hope not. IMO if UF had one failing it was the box art. An SS in portrait does (did) nothing to dispel the wargamer stereotype.
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    What new WWII venues for ASL?

    What is becoming my issue and an issue with most of the local ASL'ers I play with is time. This means CG's ala RB and even smaller ones are being passed over. If I have say 4-5 hours every other week I am willing to allot to play ASL I do not want to spend it all setting up a CG date or...
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    VASL etiquette

    I have only played VASL once but this is a great idea. Just use the free version of PGP. SDA your HIP file in it and give him the password when the game is done. Just don't lose or forget it. D'oh.
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    What do you think of MMP's stewardship of ASL so far?

    Without yet looking at any of the other responses I think MMP has done a fabulous job in piloting the ASL line. They do this in between their day job or studies and do it under a very harsh microscope. The quality and effort that goes into the products is top notch. AS long as they are...
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    Starter Kit Boards and their place in ASL

    I like them for exactly that reason. In the case of Board Z the multi hex buildings will have a ground and first level in ASL. Too many terrain types on every board is not always a good thing IMO.
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    Separate or Shared Dice?

    Just stick the dice in your nose or ears once or twice or breathe heavily on them after you have had a few beers or made a run at the fast food joint. Guaranteed no one will want to touch them. Truth is if anyone is insistent on using my dice they can go right ahead. They will learn the pain...
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    Heroic Movie scenes

    When Mel Gibson's character jumps out of the trench in Gallipoli. He knew he was going to die yet he obeyed his orders. Kind of a shocker ending as well.
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    MMP Production Schedule?

    Re: SCS Put me in line. The picture of the playtest map that's at Consimworld sold me. The only question is how far down the P# ladder I will be. As for AoO I'm patient. Got to play a bunch of Schwerpunkt's at Seattle Washington's annual ASL gathering at Enfilade. Norway in Half...