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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Too many.... lol
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    BV, HP and journal 10 OoP

    Scored a copy of RS... as a new player this hobby was more of a surprise finding some of these titles... So far I have BV, Yanks, RS, HP, FB action packs 9- current and all the SK modules printed. RF on preorder as well as AoO.
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    BV, HP and journal 10 OoP

    Man at that rate I'll be missing out on all that USMC loveliness....
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    BV, HP and journal 10 OoP

    Does this hold true for items like Rising Sun? Or King and Country?
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    New members introduce yourself here

    Howdy all. Brand new to ASL. Located in NC on the coast and looking forward to learning all I can and contributing when I am able. I have the starter kits as well as the 2d Ed rules, BV, yanks and a couple of action packs. Looking to expand my collection as I am able. Thanks all!