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  • Hail, Grumpy Old Bastard!

    Been reading your posts (in verious places) and all I can say is that the 'sport' need more grumpy bastards! 'Old' is something that time takes care of, so one really can't say we need more of them, LOL!
    That all said, I'm an old guard ASLer, and I'm an old guard wargamer to some extent. And I'm a grumpy old bastard as well :)
    I've been on (and in some cases left) most of the main wargame oriented forums since 2000.

    Today my main focus is getting wargaming the hell off the PC and onto more modern gaming platforms. As well as getting my ASL operational once more.
    Skater (sorry about speed of reply, just only now seeing this)

    To answer the question 'am I new'?

    I had an account a long ways back. I can still even see posts from it (which means GS has a sad lack of post speed in some threads and sections).
    That account is as dead as the day is long. I wouldn't know if I can still access it, and frankly I have zero desire to have anything to do with it.

    Let's just say I left for voluntary reasons of my own choosing, and returned for equally voluntary reasons of my own choosing and Don is far too smart to not recognize me if he felt like pondering the matter.
    I in no ways in violation though. The other account is quite genuinely dead.

    As for this account, I am happy to be the me I am here and now. The join date is inaccurate, and that means little to me. Would be nice to have my old rep and post count. But those yard sticks are only important to people that require them.
    I don't.
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