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    Counter Creep in storage trays

    For colourblind people, there is a recent solution :
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    FREE to good home (well, if you cough up for the shipping anyhow ;)

    Hi, How much would be the port for WoA H Chapter to France ? I'm missing it... I got a copy but I'd prefer the real thing :) I also would be a taker for Hollow Legions for my opponent. He doesn't have the Italians !
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    Lastest news

    I'll buy 2 as soon as they hit LFT's website.
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    In progress...

    Me want bad.
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    Some bad, some good news...

    COUNT ME IN FOR RPC (I'll take 2 !).
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    Scenario updates list and changes

    The differences are minimal between the T1 available as part of Classic ASL (official downloads) and the 181 available on the Y2 product page but, yes, there are differences (more precision in balance and german setup area, simplified wording for SSRs).
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Scenario 16, No Better Spot To Die. With my opponent, it was our first time with Guns & AFVs (and, believe it or not, Snipers that actually do something). We manage to do two full turns in the evening. I think we had the rules right but, man, the things we did with our tanks & guns & setup was...
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    Only 10 for the rest of your life...

    Rulebook is up-to-date (with the pages available on website, erratas from Texas ASL and pages/dividers from HP) ? If yes, then : - West of Alamein (to have the Desert) - Hollow Legions (as above) - Croix de Guerre (French) - Red Factories - Blood Reef Tarawa - Festung Budapest - Doomed...
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    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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    Provence Pack and Croix de Guerre?

    I would suppose that Philipe Naud is aware, if that project is undergoing. I'd believe there would also be some info on Cote1664.
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    Angkorfest 2017 - Asia Pacific ASL Open

    I love the logo :)
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    Provence Pack and Croix de Guerre?

    I did send an email to Vae Victis to suggest such a compilation (the first 100 scenarios). I received an answer saying, enthusiastically, that it was a good idea. It was last year. I can only hope they're doing it :) Also, I have translated all the (six) scenarios from Casus Belli (the ancestor...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Today, I setupped Gavin Take in VASL for my first pbem ever :)
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    Provence Pack and Croix de Guerre?

    I can translate, no prob. I'd be happy to help. I just don't have the text. I usually do English to French translation (professional level, RPGs), as native French speaker. But I could translate from French to English (but I'd need a proofreader as my English is not native, and therefore not...
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    Provence Pack and Croix de Guerre?

    I can translate it to English, no problem. I'd need a native English speaker to do the proofreading/rephrasing, though, just to make it perfect. Also, I'd need the text to translate, as I don't have it.