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    Rising Sun pre-order

    '33' preorders left! Drink a "Rolling Rock" in celebration and then go order another copy.
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    Tallboy bomb just exploded in Poland

    I am Klaus.
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    advance into a rubble hex carrying a mantled 50 Mtr

    Stay gruntled everyone. Actually, "gruntled" is legit.
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    Kauri trees, dice towers

    Wow, quite the tour of NZ wood! Thanks!
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    Rising Sun pre-order

    39 preorders to go! Less than an MLB 40-man roster!
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Or the producer of the product could have the overlays laser cut.
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    Enemy Smoke Grenades

    It could potentially mask later moving Suspect counters and activated units from additional defensive fire also.
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    Manila on Preorder

    What about a subscription service where Perry reads and discusses a rules section? ;)
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    Rising Sun pre-order

    Down to 45 preorders needed!
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    Manila on Preorder

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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    I'd LOVE to see a "single column" option for the existing eRB. It would make it so much nicer to read on a tablet. No idea how feasible that would be, but a girl can dream, can't she?
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    Rising Sun pre-order

    Only 55 preorders left to go. Buy a copy for each of your (future) grandkids so they won't miss out! Yes, I have Gung Ho! and Code of Bushido, but the old counters just don't compare to the latest from MMP and are DEFINITELY easier for my old eyes to read.
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    Rising Sun pre-order

    Sadly, I was absent from the hobby back then and missed out.