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    V-2 rockets

    I thought so - thanks for the confirmation!
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    V-2 rockets

    It's T280, I'm playing the Axis, and just realised that the V-2s scheduled to appear have failed to do so for a couple of turns. They are supposed to appear in a super river hex without roads, so I guess that's the problem. I have tried moving engineering assets into the hex to no avail. Is this...
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    EA Heldenkaiser (Allies) vs. Telumar (Axis)

    Re: Axis Turn 165 / 23rd August 1942 if you refer to this particular game, Held is on sabbatical from all gaming at the moment. I hope to see him back at some point though, since this AAR has been a pleasure to follow. Regards Martin
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    OOB question - removing devided units

    Hi, Two easier alternatives not yet available, but hopefully "soon" are: (1) Dump the scenario to a XML, edit (x,y) in that file and load it back to the editor. The caveat is that there is a bug in the editor to the effect that formation tracks are not loaded from XML files. Hopefully this...
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    Ea 2012

    I second that. Hope to see more of you on the forum when cirumstances allow, Veers! Cheers Martin
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    Chemical warfare question.

    Yes, the situation briefing has shown that NATO has restrained themselves, despite my liberal use of chemicals. What annoys me is that playing dirty (literally :D) has not paid off that much. And what's even worse, I got the attached news string when opening the latest turn. And I who thought...
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    Chemical warfare question.

    The manual (p. 60) Says: '- Force 1 or 2 Is Granted Chemical Release: Subsequent Attacks by the Force’s Artillery and Aircraft equipment are enhanced by chemicals.', which I interpret as all artillery attacks and aircraft combat support being enhanced. I was granted chemical release in...
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    graphic bug

    I knew I had seen this somewhere, and managed to trace it to a post in the Matrix support forum. Unfortunately, no answer is given there, but at least it confirms that it can happen with other scenarios as well.
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    Diary from the Burma Campaign (Allied) [PARTIAL]

    Re: Diary from the Burma Campaign (Allied) Nice work, Wyatt! I like your commenting while moving. This could be the way to present the ultimate TOAW tutorial, with links from the TOAW University :cool: BTW one week ago, I flew over Burma with clear sighting conditions. The view was...
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    Italian Campaign (Veers-Allies vs Silvanski-Axis) [COMPLETE]

    Re: Italian Campaign (Veers-Allies vs Silvanski-Axis) I hope to see something similar from him in the first round of the doubles tournament :D!
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    Defining "Winning"

    I have seen references to a victory point calculator that I suppose would give at least part of the answer, but I don't know where to find it :crosseye:
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    2WIN -- Allied Naval Units

    Yes, I will start the correspondig thread in Axis forum as soon as I have prepared my turn 1 :). Regarding naval units, I noticed in R2R that when I used the Adriatic Group on direct support, it also gave indirect support to other attacks within range. I thought of naval units as floating...
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    My Time

    Well put, Wyatt! I guess all of us rookies agree. At least I have learned a lot in this workshop :) Martin
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    Reading List / Suggestion

    Fresh links Here are updated links to some of the reading suggestions from the link given above: Notes from the Front by Siberian Heat (pics do not load correctly) TOAW FAQ TOAW Strategy Guide (1.06) by Steve Knowlton and Steve Schneider How to Begin a Game: The Road to Rimini by...
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    PBEM problem

    Thanks for the reassurance, I got a bit worried there! BTW I tried different scenarios, and the eqp issue only occurred once (with "Anonymous Heroics PBEM"), so it was probably a minor thing in the general mess I created!