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    General Electric!!! I salute you! Damn fine username! Damn fine! Carry on, sir! :horse:
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    Favorite 80s Metal Band

    Metallica would be my favorite 80's metal band. They've got the coolest name for a metal band, as well.:bang:
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    Has anyone ever met...

    Jackass sez what George W. perceived as not smart?!? He goes..."...Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice....badeep, badeep,...... Can't get fooled again." Alriiiight. The President is a Who fan!
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    Has anyone ever met...

    W I had im in my crosshairs once but the ****er sneezed. Just kidding. Really...just kidding.
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    Happy B-Day Ghost Soldier

    Hmmm? A gay evil-genius/ villian. Why, that hasn't been done since...'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'! Maybe not gay, gay. But gay like, metrosexual.:bang:
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    Happy B-Day Ghost Soldier

    OK, OK. Well, it's too much trouble to change my name right now. But I'm still thee Ghost Diddy!:banana:
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    Happy B-Day Ghost Soldier

    Aw shucks Well thanks BarcelonaBlom. The Ghost is alive and well, but just like a ghost......seldom seen, seldom heard. Which brings me to a formal anouncement: In light of my strivance for originality, my creed of changing dynamics, mobility to avoid detection, etc. etc. ad infinitum...
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    Favorite Quote from Movie

    "We'll trade you some ARVN rifles... never been fired, and only dropped once." FMJ- Pvt. Cowboy negotiates with a pimp. "The only thing that can kill Barnes, is Barnes." Platoon. "Think of yourself as the sheath and I am the sword. And I must were quite the fit." Rob Roy...
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    R. Lee Ermey's "Mail Call"

    R. Lee is da man! Cain't nobody touch'im.
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    A Guide To Military Handsignals

    Do you know the one for 'Pull your head out of your ass!'? Make a fist with one hand (this represents the head referred to). Take your other hand and hold your "head" by the "neck" (That would be the wrist of aforementioned fisted-appendage) and pull your head out of your ass.:) By the way...
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    Suspense and Thriller Movies

    Speaking of Thrillers, I've noticed there is a remake of 'The Manchurian Candidate' out.:armed:
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    NORML - National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws :whistle: Better than Prozac, Zoloft, or Paxil...or alcohol.
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    Horror Movies

    Oh! The Horror! Phantasm 1 & 2: Scary mortician. Deadly, hurling spheres. A Barracuda (That would be the car, not the fish.) Formidable dwarf- pions. A shotgun-weilding, juvenile protagonist. A car chase with a hearse. Phantasm 3 was a dud, but 1 set the trend, and 2 carried the day...
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    Suspense and Thriller Movies

    Angelheart :demon:
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    John Wayne

    The Duke The Shootist The Cowboys