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    Ozerekya Breakout.

    The Russian Marines had the following: Initial Landings 563rd Tank Battalion consisted of: 1st & 2nd Companies; each with 10x M3 Stuart Light Tanks, and the 3rd Company with 10x Matilda Mk II. The barge carrying the Matlidas had its ramp damaged and could not unload the tanks The following...
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    Ozerekya Breakout.

    The German guns were pretty much static along the ridge lines and the Soviets had trouble getting vehicles and equipment off their barges. That been said, if was to use a "House Rule" to allow a prime movers, it would be something as follows: ANNEX A - Axis Reinforcement Group Table In Notes...
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    Ozerekya Breakout.

    The entire RG must set up all on board or all offboard.
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    Orerekya Breakout: No Three.

    Tim et al thank you for the AAR, very interesting - Cheers George
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    Konigsberg Playtest at Winter Offensive

    In the final process of editing this version (3.0) of the KBR Rules. @william.stoppel, I should have the sent out to shortly (before Christmas) and the version 2 of the KBR map before the New Year.[/USER]
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    OZEREKYA BEAKOUT - Dummy Minefields

    He was unsuccessful at his minefield clear attempt. So NO minefield removed.
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    Breaking Heartstrings

    Summary of the Orders of Battle (OB): Japanese OB (Infantry) 18x 4-4-7, 27x 3-4-7, 49x 2-2-8; (Leaders) 1x 10-1, 3x 9-1, 4x 9-0, 4x 8-0; (Support Weapons) 14x LMG, 2x MMG, 12x HMG, 14x Lt.Mtr, 2x ATR; (Guns) 12x Type 98 20mm AA Guns, 5x Type 94 37mm A-T Guns, 2x Type 92 70mm INF Guns, 4x Type...
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    Breaking Heartstrings

    Rob, Sorry but it's still in playtesting :(
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    Breaking Heartstrings

    Update: Operation Breaking Heartstrings: Well we have concluded the 1st scenarios of a possible 4. The Marines have managed to land on the island and establish a beachhead on Green Beaches 2 & 3 to allow follow up assault waves to land. However, this objective came a high price, the Japanese...
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    OZEREKYA BREAKOUT - Hand to Hand Combat

    TM 15 states that, if for instance the Germans declare NO QUARTER, then the Russians may declare Hand-to-Hand. TM 16 states that Hand-to-Hand is allowed in the scenario, but only when No Quarter is in effect. Hand-to-Hand is not normally allowed in a scenario unless by SSR. TM 16 allows...
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    WaR 4, A Promising Start (2nd Ed) errata?

    Tom K You are correct it is 40O5-P4; I will add the errata to the LCP website and make changes on future scenario cards. Thank you very much
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    why so high?

    Saw this video, and its relevance to eye opening
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    OZEREKYA BREAKOUT - Bravery and Battlefield Promotions

    Tim the question was concerning D5.23, Bravery and Battlefield Promotion If you're referring to D5.29 TP Replenishment; the -1 per 20 CVP "Suffered" by the Friendly side on the previous TM Scenario; meaning just that CVP suffered by a Friendly side or lost by the Friendly side