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    Dinant CG (Dennis Brothers)

    What kills me is your brother was absolutely convinced he was going to lose. Thanks for sharing these posts.
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    Seeking PTO Playtesters for a Sangshak Project. If interested, please apply within

    i really wish there was an alternative viewing platform. I guess I’ll miss it
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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    so I can buy on my desktop and copy it to tablet?
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    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Well I guess it’s time to buy a tablet. Stupid question but will this work on one?
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    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    The process has started. Tossed a bunch of scenario books. I'm off next week and I'm about 3 years behind punching counters, sorting, scanning, etc... As I go through it all for that I'll toss relentlessly. I contacted some local gamers, even new players, and they had no interest. I'm not...
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    Too Much ASL, not enough space

    Comrades, I'm rapidly approaching ASL overload as it relates to physical product. My game cabinet is packed. I'm thinking of just chunking all of my scenario books (which would give some room). I have empty boxes, magazines, and mounted boards in the attic. I hate to through this away but...
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    BoF16 Saluting A General - AAR

    IDK Jim, I seem to recall a game (some Schwerepunkt scenario) and you were smacking me all over the board. I said midgame that "I just need to hang on the the last CC so when you roll a 12 I can withdraw for the win". That was exactly what happened. Probably my most underserved win in ASL, ever.
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    What is the toughest/hardest scenario you ever played ?

    To get back on topic the hardest scenario for me is The Pinnacle J018. I've played it 3 times. One of the most fun scenarios out there but don't see how the USA wins. But it is always fun to try!
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    For King & Country reprint

    I think we got these in Forgotten War. I'll check. Thanks
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    For King & Country reprint

    what update did they make to the Brens?
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    ASL Bell Tolls

    I just hope ASLOK happens in 2021. I'm not optimistic.
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    ASL Player Ratings

    Just checked for Bitter Ender and it looks like you only have 2019, and that is limited. I have this data. If you could point me to the best way to get it to you I'll give it a shot. Real Life is tough right now though and my time is limited. If I need to populate a spreadsheet that might be...
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    ASL Player Ratings

    I did a quick search via 'ctr f' and I'm not seeing certain players that I know ought to be in here. They were in AREA. I found my name via 'ctr f'. Are you still compiling data?
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    ASL Player Ratings

    Yes, I can confirm.