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  • Thanks! That stopped the Scott/Fort thing for awhile or either he just felt like fing with Wolkey.
    "Darkness warshed over the dude..."

    Ok, that was funny. Not the Dude's plight, but the Sam Elliot response. Good memory, or did you have to google that quote? :p
    "Chimpenstein! You deserve huge rep for typing this much!"

    That was well before the stroke. I type alot now but I don't know about sitting down for the amount of time and typing something like that up again using just one hand. :upset:
    That would be fun, but I have to stay close to home for a while. So far I am an SK person but itching to get into full ASL. Looking for a local teacher. You coming to BE next month?
    Thanks. Just saw the rep and the note. Still getting to know this stuff. I will have to look Tom up at BE. Good the have someone in my back yard. Thanks again.
    I didn't mean that in a gay way. I meant we could lie under the covers and hold each other like only two men who are confident in their homosexuality... I mean heterosexuality... ah, screw it. Wanna come back to my place? :shy:
    "their bowels shredded by a demonic ejaculate of burning sand"

    Very nice! :clap:
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