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    ASL Journals in PDF Format

    Is there an updat summary, so to speak, of what was changed/updated with each of the updates (of which there are now two)?
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    Italian OOB

    could be worse ... you could be a lolligagger ...
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    Croix de Guerre Counter Organization

    Would that be a “OBGBB” ... One Giant BLUE Baggie ...?:oops:
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    Croix de Guerre Second Edition now available for preorder.

    Mine just transitioned to “Packing!”
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    Stupid Question Time ...

    Thanks JR.
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    Silly Question Part 2...

    Was poking about in my ASL counters this morning, and can’t recall if I just combined my ASLSK counters with the rest of my ASL stuff or not 😳. Any “easy way” to tell The difference(s)?
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    Stupid Question Time ...

    Which Module had the Gernan SMC counters with the red name text? My memor sa it was Festung Budapest, but can’t remember for sure.
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    Rising Sun Reprint

    ”There is no spoon.”
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    Leader location in a stack

    I prefer to play by what the rules require. Anything else is for my convenience (or, I suppose that of my opponent too). As Paul and Toumo mention, they know where all the important pieces are anyway, and if not they’ll just ask.
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    Questions about Winter Offensive

    Another thing that sometimes is in short supply are Overlays, particularly desert overlays.
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    Hero gets his gun(s)?

    ”Now I’ve got a machinegun ... Ho Ho Ho.”
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    How did you get your start into War games?

    Panzer Leader was first for me. Then Squad Leader. No going back from there!
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    How do you like to organize your vehicle counters?

    As a reminder, there may be value in the ”1 BGB” method ... I.e., One Big Giant Baggie ... 😑
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    C2.29 IFE

    For British vehicles, I subscribe to the “O.B.B.” Philosophy ... One Big Baggie. 😀