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    ersatz secenarios

    Has anyone remade a scenario for personal use? for instance I am remaking Showdown at Tug Argan Pass by using boards 81 and 83 from forgotten war along with a few minor tweaks. Gonna play it and see. Anyway who else modified a scenario (considering the amount of available boards now this...
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    allow units placing a DC to claim assault movement, this represents a small unit or SMC "creeping up" on the target as opposed to the Hollywood charge and throw method.
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    units laying down fire just to put residual FP in a hex to deny entry should be TI, this reduces that sleaze tactic,
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    just found this Pacific War

    Crusade in the Pacific This series was made in 1951 by time, to me it rivals any war documentary ever, and i found it by accident most of the footage is never before seen (at least by me) the series covers the Pacific war...
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    armored trains

    i recall that Hakkaa Paalle was set to have armored trains. What happened? No scenarios? too complicated or problems coming up with a counter design? I'm just curious guys.. will they be coming up in the future?
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    CH Errata

    So Hue from CH is as bad as Hue from the Cleveland Browns?
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    What is getting released in 2019?

    Konigsberg!!! Please!!!!
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    Schwerpunkt #23 observations

    Whew! I thought I was the only one turned off by text graphics... its so much better when actual graphics are used, I would have bought many of their issues and some from other TPPs as well maybe its pettiness....
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    worst pilot ever?

    So what are the chances of an observation plane malfunctioning its radio (and repairing it!) twice in a 5 turn scenario and....calling in friendly fire on his own troops? (sans casualties) any worse events you have had?
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    excellent scenario material good story plenty of detail
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    CH Errata

    somehow I made 3 turns
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    cAT gun?

    on an original 2 DR a straying cAT returns to its start hex
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    cAT gun?

    cAT may conduct a random berserk banzai charge only in night scenarios
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    cAT gun?

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    cAT gun?

    AFV another feline vehicle