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    AAR: Squabble (NOR) [MP]

    Nice AAR, it's been a while but good to see some games don't die!
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    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Spectacular list! Looks almost like some pictures of her sistership Coventry ;) Rest assured that Santisima Trinidad does not feature in Malvinas 3! Freek
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    AAR: Carrier Crash

    Very nice aar, you did amazingly well against the AI! But i'd like to hear the russian side also, as those big Shipwreck missiles and the Flankers could have ruined your day! Freek
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    AAR: Bay of Pigs

    Nice AAR of one of my older scens! Im not sure i had MP in mind when designing it but good to see its played well! Be interesting to hear Alaskanbikers view on this MP session! thanks for playing! Freek
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    Coming soon...

    Thats mainly since very large scenarios run very well in H3.6.3, but much slower and with higher chance of crashes in ANW or HUE. Freek
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    Coming soon...

    Is a new Monster scenario. Just wait a bit untill Herman finishes his round of postings! I found an interesting but slightly aged discussion on a European Navy, describing the different carrier groups, amphibious groups and desrons that might exist...
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    AAR: Sumomenlinna [MP]

    Great AAR guys! Murderous air battles, and it seemed fairly active ! Good to see this scen being played in MP! Freek
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    AAR: Rescue a Sailor

    I recently watched this video. thanks for playing this scenario in Multiplayer! i dont think i had MP in mind when I made it, i tried to make a scen based on real life events ( well, loosely). It is however great to see that players are enjoying the game I made years ago! freek
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    AAR: Dreamland

    hey Herman, how many videoAARs did you have to record before you finally won? ;) Freek
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    AAR Korean Counter

    Played Hermans new scen (of course with PlayerSDB and H3). Hi Herman, You were right, its pretty unwinnable from ROK side. I killed 15 ships, lost 2 (one to airstrike and one to SSM from islands). I rearranged forces coming close to islands, detected two 105 mm batteries and three unknown...
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    AAR Operation Journeyman HUE

    Hi Captain Nice AAR! Thanks for playing the scen I built. Seems Belgranos 15 guns fared well against Tigers 2! Sorry you could not finish it. If you want an 'impossible' challenge try Chlean side! Freek
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    AAR The Duel ANW

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Damn, I conciously did not mention the scenario name <ahem> Freek
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    AAR The Duel ANW

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB Great AAR! Your insight into the differences between solitaire and multiplayer are spot on. As a designer i frequently build scens where i program the AI to focus on preventing victory of tye player. I remember one memorable occasion where Herman...
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    Harpoon Scenario Design Site

    Re: Harpoon 3 scenarios for the PlayersDB The 25th NEW Harpoon scenario of the year! Operation Journeyman Tensions in Argentina were high throughout the 70s. Border conflicts with Chile, a poor economic situation, and a lingering dispute over the Falkland Islands made UK Prime...
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    AAR Advance Guards HUE

    Thanks for very nice AAR! This scen has very nicely matched sides and has been played frequently in MP mode. Im not sure why your exocets would fly in wrong direction but certainly you need a better tactic!! freek