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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I get like itchy lobster boy at least once a week due to the Niacin - and yes - it can make you sleepy
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Scrabble - my wife is VERY good (averages about 350 per game) I average about 270
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    What did you watch this weekend?

    eye of the needle
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    Scrabble probably every other night (anyone know of a strip scrabble variant ???) Just kidding being a newlywed, of course games do not take all my waking hours And the strip version aint necessary :smoke:
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    John Gorka "Love is our Cross to Bear" Which really describes the last few months where my fiaance & I were separated by 300 miles awaiting her to move in with me
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    Starter Kit Offboard Setup Restrictions

    -------------- Original message -------------- From: Fred Ingram <> There is nothing in the starter Kit rules about units entering the map having to commit to entry hexes prior to turn start Was this a conscious decision or something that was forgotten when...
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    J85 Pitchin 'In Victory Conditions

    Message from Boxcars copied here for completeness: I received these two emails in response from my email to Perry at MMP. Email 1: Response to my Question. My Question: I had a discussion on the 2nd part of the Victory Conditions for J85 Pitchin 'In. For this discussion assume...
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    A4.63 Dash and Smoke Placement

    What really is cruel is dashing berzerk units across the street. You get the 10 morale, the halved FP against the dashing unit, and when you get across the street you can enter the enemy location there. I have seen more than one eyebrow get raised when I have done that (peope expecting you to...
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    Advance Phase

    His favorite story is "Gullibles Travels" :devil:
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    Ladder Update - November 2004

    Not sure what is in your database, but . . . . I was browsing through the games reports in the ASL ladder and found a lot of scenarios being played that sI was completely unfamiliar with. Assuming that you have the mopdule a scenario came from in the database, could this information be...
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    HOB Beyond the Beachhead unmounted maps

    Where did HOB have these manufactured. I think they are better than the traditional mounted maps (or the new SK style too). If I could get a whole set of maps like that I would be in heaven. For those who own these and have also lamionated the AH & MMP unmounted maps, how do they compare ?
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    Back to the almost origginal question: Why cannot all of the extension be availble on the VASL.ORG site (or is there another clearinghouse area I am not aware of) I tried synching to a game over the weekend and it would not let me since I was missing the OBA extension (weherever that...
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    VASL Representation: Tunnels

    OK - aftter some experimenting I found out (with a shift - right click) that you can add a label to the perimiter control WHEW !!
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    VASL Representation: Tunnels

    OK - I found the perimiter "overlay" (along withj a wealth of ther stuff I had no idea was there) But I cannot use the perimiter overlay because youcannot attach a label to it But ther perimiter (hex outline) along with a user label would really work just fine if I could only fiugure out...
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    VASL Representation: Tunnels

    Where do you find the VP victory point markers you have talked about? Where do you get the perimiter overlays. I do not see either of these on the VASL website :cheeky: