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    VoTG CG1, The Central Railway Station

    In the victory conditions, the rules say the Germans must control all hexes of building F36 at scenario end, for all CG1 scenarios.
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    Red October Campaign Game II

    I would like to give this one a try as the Russians. I think it would take maxing out all the Russian advantages, coordinated combined arms, and mainly infantry, OBA and fortifications to win as the Russians.
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    ASL Assist website.

    Wow, this really made my day. Thanks!
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    RO CG2

    The reduced HMG's sure is significant. That would bring new value to the HW Pltn. Its seems in RB that its hard to justify spending 6 points on a HW's RG when you can buy a first line COY that came with a HMG.
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    RO CG2

    I think you got me on the "300" Tater, haha. There may be a few places where there are choke points. I need to look at the map again. I would not favor a broad use of minefields. I would prefer to use them in building hedgehogs, with some sort of mutual support on the flanks, maybe some...
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    RO CG2

    I think we need to carefully consider the victory conditions. The Germans have 5 scenarios to capture all bu 10 location. How can the Russians delay the Germans long enough to win the game? Fortifications, infantry and artillery seem to be the key, with very little margin for error. Like the...
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    What is the ASL-related New Year's Resolution you wish OTHER people would adopt?

    Right on man. I know I could improve in all these areas. Thanks for sharing.
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    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    This is very interesting. I Iike having a preview of a new product.
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    New GS Forum Announcements - Conversation

    I would agree, let it roll. The success of these new product announcements are in the best interests to me as a player.
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    Paths Not Taken

    I have to come clean, this was my own idea some years ago. Sorry for the fabrication. I envisioned more of a fluid fire and maneuver during the movement phase. Can you imagine that with AFV bounding fire.
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    Paths Not Taken

    I thought there was some talk about opportunity fire during the movement phase, but did not make the cut. The idea was for the attacker to have the use of Op fire declared during Prep to use in both the movement and Adv. fire phase.
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    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    Thanks a ton, that worked. What a nice job on the map!!
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    New RB & RO Maps...when we gonna get them? Crack the whip on them map elves!!! :-)

    I was only able to download a text file from this link. Maybe something in my settings is blocking the full download of the map file.
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    I like what I am seeing in the RO scenarios. Some of the OB’s are very different from RB.
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    Red Factories miscellaneous stuff

    Looks like 2 HMG’s and a light