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    Newly addicted member from Germany

    Hi MettIgel, where are you located? I live near Karlsruhe and am rather new to ASL as well. FtF opponents or VASL opponents living in the same timezone are always welcome :) I'd suggest to introduce concealment and all the additional infantry fire stuff (fire lanes etc.) next - but that's just...
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    ASLSK or Basic ASL PBEM Opponent wanted (Newbie)

    I agree 100% and am really thankful for your suggestions and the insights you are offering. However, due to my busy schedule, I have usually one evening/week that I can dedicate to FtF games. PBeM is the next best thing that I can manage. Babysteps, surely - but steps nonetheless. I'm probably...
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    ASLSK or Basic ASL PBEM Opponent wanted (Newbie)

    Thank you for your tips! Regarding your tip #5 ("avoid PBeM"): I understand what you are getting at. PBeM surely is surely a rather cumbersome way to learn the basics of the game. However, where I'm living, FtF opponents are scarce, as is my time available to play FtF (job; family; the usual...
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    SK1 PBEM Opponent Wanted

    Hi all, I recently started playing "full" ASL via Email. However, I always wanted to play the SK scenarios one by one, starting with SK1 / Retaking Vierville. I can manage at least 5 logs/week (CEST, Berlin). If anyone's interested (for one, some or all SK1 scenarios) please contact me...
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    ASLSK or Basic ASL PBEM Opponent wanted (Newbie)

    Inbox is exploding, thank you! Found opponents. What an outstanding community :)
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    ASLSK or Basic ASL PBEM Opponent wanted (Newbie)

    Hi All, I started playing a year or so ago, mainly via FtF/VASL and with the help of a generous tutor. I've played some SK1 scenarios, but mainly full ASL with infrantry only (still make mistakes, though). I'd like to get into PBEM and am looking for an opponent who has the patience to walk me...
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    Breaking and Broken - in German

    I'm an ASL newbie and by no means an expert when it comes to actual infantry tactics of WW2, but I'd figure "Sturmfeuer-Phase" (emphasizing that the advancing unit is firing whilst storming forward) would be an appropriate translation.
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    New members introduce yourself here

    My tutor, low may he roll, has already invited me. I'll attend if I can somehow fit into my schedule. Thank you for your generous offer!
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    New members introduce yourself here

    hello. newbie here I've stumbled over ASL a year or so ago, when my son was born and I was spending a lot of late night and early morning hours browsing through BGG on the hunt for interesting games whilst nurturing the little fella. Starting with SK1, I tried to learn the game by myself, as...