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  • Would you believe I was doing a random web search based on a discussion of LOTR Online and found one of the frames?
    ASL Annuals: Special counters and rules

    > Anyone have copies they're willing to share?

    Tell me your email-address ...

    Warbear (
    "so, sooooo predictable!"

    I'm nothing if not predictable. It's why everybody loves me... well, most of em... uh, somebody out there tolerates me. :shy:
    I saw the movie first way back in 77 or 78 when it came on HBO. Didn't read the book until a few years later. I wish it could've followed the book more but it would've been a long movie.
    My son hit the enter button before I was finished. I was going to say "The movie was good but the book was better. Don't you "meh" me!" :angry:
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