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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    A MAC instruction checklist for dummies would be much appreciated :confused:
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    New program to help set up VASL scenarios

    me too!
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    VASL opponent wanted

    what about me :readit::p
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    Moving Crews in Hatten

    No to both. ....Perry MMP On October 9, 2018 at 8:36 AM Stefan Fiedler <stefan@xxx,xx> wrote: Hi 1, May a armor leader shift from his original vehiicle to another during refit phase? 2. May a surviving crew that survived a wreck creation replace the crew of another vehicle. If so...
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    Hatten CG1 in pictures

    I did the same, except for the three tank hunter teams. Saved about half of the forward troops but the German side paid heavily.
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    Hatten CG1 in pictures

    Hi All, Played the first day of Hatten in Flames, CG1 against Bruce Shields as the Nazi pigs. Great fun! Was played on VASl and I took a number of screen dumps during play. You can find them here;: Dropbox link
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    What HASL's Have you Played or will Play in 2018?

    Hatten Festung Budapest Achtung Panzer Königsberg Edson Ridge
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    Japanese (ordinary) heroes

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    Japanese (ordinary) heroes

    Can they banzai charge? Can they initiate BAnzai cahrge of their own G1.5 ...."A leader must participate in each Banzai Charge that includes ≥ one MMC. [EXC to all: a T-H Hero who is created (or voluntarily loses HIP) in a Japanese MPh must make his own Banzai Charge as per 1.423]."... A single...
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    Armored assault and HIP Baz team

    Armored Assault moves into a orchard where a HIP enemy MMC is located. Infantry bounce, Tank enters and the enemy may fire his BAZ before the AFV may? Correct? Rule ref?
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    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    1, My eyes are getting bad, can a magnification be added to the various tables just as on the map? 2, Can another level of zoom in be added to standard magnification (Magnification glass with a ´+´). I know that one cna use other and magnificate whatever you want but reducing clicks is a good...
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    Hatten - re fit

    sent a Q to Perry
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    Ground snow - extra mf cost applies for halftracks?

    Thanks! Any rule reference for illiterate me?