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    Are You Going to Play a Korean War Scenario at ASLOK 2019?

    Well, that make me sad. 😗
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    CtR 17 - Clearing the Badlands - Victory Conditions

    That cliff is hated by my paratroopers in CGII. At least 4 squads has been smashed to death on that cliff.
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    American M3 halftrack, inherent squad

    NRBH. Is the passenger squad inherent or should it be placed on map as passenger? /S
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    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    Game in progress and NRBH. Can a paratrooper in Corregior CGII gain concealment in the same turn as they dropped if otherwise possible? /S
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    Moving Crews in Hatten

    A house rule in other words.
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    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    And Shipboard observer is the only option for 200 NOBA given in the initial CGII forces? NO radio, NO offbd observer?
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    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    Yes but with 9-10 hex drift together with 4 hex error on drop point does not help much. Also I dd think the drift would be offset by wind drift in the wind direction but wind 4 hex error is added to the drift direction in addition to the error. Oh the horror! 🤬😱. Historic results so far I...
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    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    Q1. If the Americans are using direct NOBA fire option (Initial scenario group O6), can the guns malfunction? If not is ACQ gained? ... Yes my troops woe and misery continues. 17 CVP lost in T1a alone. The 200mm guns on ship rolls boxcars on first shot, 1 747, 2 crews and 2 75mm guns are lost...
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    Corregidor: the Rock Errata

    Q on the Paradrop player aid excerpt from E9.12: ..."Each parachute's drift is then adjusted for wind (if any) direction and strength by being moved two hexes directly downwind for a Mild Breeze, three hexes thusly during Gusts, or four hexes thusly during Heavy Winds."... This seems to be...
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    Corregidor: the Rock Errata

    Figured that - did anyone say blanket the ground with corpses...eer I mean paratroopers. /S
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    Corregidor: the Rock Errata

    Drop points for turn 2 and 3 reinforcements (CG2 initial scenario) when are they decided? Before seeing enemy setup or? DO they need to be 3 hexes away from those used in the preceeding turn(s) as well or just those in this turn?
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    Corregidor: the Rock CG II Questions

    Possibly a stupid Q: CG 2 initial forces includes O6. It comes ONLY with a shipboard observer? Or does it also come with the 7-0/radio?`` /S
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    CtR: CGII Assault on Fortress Corregidor

    Good AAR so far when are you planning to continue? Any hints for the American, I am freaked. (About to start day 1 turn1 as the American and I feel I will loose even before any dices has been rolled at all!)
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    DCs and berserkers

    Hi can a berserker throw DC into an adjacent hex in their adv fire phase if they are in the same location as known enemy units?