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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    This is a project I've been working on for years--adding some 3-D to the DASL boards. Made some progress this past weekend. Next step on-- add some "skins" to the sides of the buildings.
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    October 25

    Love Kenneth Branaugh in Henry V:
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    DASL19 The Mailed Fist (aka A13 and Z12)

    I've only played the original, and in my notes we both thought it fun and would play again; however I did note that an extra turn would be recommended for the German side which is what new version has.
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    Someone in the distance launched fireworks for about 10 minutes when they won.
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    PROKHOROVKA! game on pre-order now at!!

    So do the tank riders feel sleepy or lax on tank zzz?
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    ASLOK XXXV - Official TD AAR

    If anyone could post what kind of balance provision they used in To the Last Man, I'd greatly appreciate!
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    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    But don't you find it ironical that the most detailed information on CH products is at Desperation Morale?
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    Why do you buy Critical Hit products? (anonymous poll)

    If you look at a lot of other games, they've died for lack of support. I think the TPPs kept people in and coming to ASL at a crucial point in the history of the hobby.
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    Rising Sun Reprint

    I seem to remember it was around 100.
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    Will there Ever Be an Official 1947-49 Arab-Israeli War pack?

    Awesome Perry! Would be great to see this module.
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    Modern Classic Scenarios.

    Thank you gents for the recommendation of Fiery Finale; got to play this yesterday and the appearance of the 251/16 firing flame on 6-2-8s on either side was quite a surprise! Really enjoyed the scenario. Personally I would not mind playing many scenarios several times over!
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    Dispatch #52 was transmitted today.

    Enjoyed going through the Concealment article by Carl. Really good tips there.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    ASL 4 The Commissar's House Have never played this classic, it was 154-154 on ROAR last time I looked. 17 of us met for our annual club barbecue meeting where we voted on a scenario to play; I randomly got put into the three-player game and played the defending Russians against two German...
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    Inor die cutter problem

    In the interim I would recommend looking into something like this to help store the game (not sure if this is the right size):