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  • Hi Jim,
    Helen and I came back to Ottawa in April 2006. I wasn't happy about the return, no work prospects then, none now. Nem' mind. NZ was good to us and the people were very helpful and supportive. I didn't have work when I arrived in 2002, but Helen did at the Auckland Hospital. By 2004, after two other progressively better jobs, I ended up at Auckland Uni as an Operations Manager. Been downhill every since. No French, no work in Ottawa.
    Lived in Red Beach, in a house backing onto a golf course and overlooking the ocean. T'was but a dream.
    Never been to Kaikohe, though we travelled 'round the north in '97, when we went to Russell to tie the knot, and of course, while we lived there. Been up the west coast on the other side of Kaikohe.
    Been to the South Island yet? Lovely countryside, we only managed ten days.
    You can reach me at battleschool@rogers.com
    Great to hear from you.
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