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    Nationality articles left to be written!

    Schwerpunkt has detailed articles on the Germans and French.
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    Singling American advise

    Retired Colonel James Leach who was the B Company Commander at Singling personally told me (while I was a guest at his house) that his tank crews did not like them and had disconnected the gyrostabilizers for safety reasons. He also told me that he dismounted from his tank in Singling at one...
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    Yes, we are still producing Schwerpunkt and Rally Point. Schwerpunkt Volumes 1 through 23 and...

    Yes, we are still producing Schwerpunkt and Rally Point. Schwerpunkt Volumes 1 through 23 and Rally Point Volumes 1 through 17 are currently available. I rarely visit the ASL Forums so it is best to communicate with me via my email:
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    All but one of my regular opponents agree with me regarding VASL. But this thread is not about whether or not Evan Sherry is willing to play VASL. No one cares if I do or do not play VASL. I respect and enjoy your posts so please stay on topic Sir.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    Mark's comments were appropriate and more on topic than most responses in this thread. Bret asked for our thoughts on this. I gave Bret my thoughts and so did Mark. Hosting an ASL tournament in a pandemic is a bad idea. I lost one player last year and I do not want to lose any more of them.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    I have absolutely no desire to sit in front of a computer to play ASL.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    Bret, The Tampa ASL crew has not attended ASLOK since 2016. That has been a sad and devastating thing for us. That 2017 hurricane kicked our ass. In August 2019 longtime Tampa Group member, Dave "Mountain Man" Brown died and that further reduced our capability to playtest and willingness to play...
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    No one knows, not even me.
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    2020 Page A54

    The picture of the British 6-4-8 that was originally on page A54 in rule A25.42 Airborne has now shifted to A25.43 Gurkha. It initially confused me, but I quickly determined it was a simple error on the updated page A54. I was somewhat taken aback for such an error to appear in the ASLRB at this...
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    The French in ASL

    I would have gladly paid a little more for Croix De Guerre if it included Lend Lease vehicles in French blue. This was the most disappointing part of waiting so long for the French reprint. They shoulda listened to the Pitman.
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    I've got an idea. Hear me out.

    Me thinks the Pitman has it and is less than impressed, especially with the French vehicle selection. I'd gladly trade 46 Opel Blitz trucks for some lend lease vehicles in French colors.
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    What is Your ASL Budget for 2020?

    I just got my copy of Croix de Guerre (I ordered three if them). It is very nice and I like it a lot despite the 46 Opel Blitz trucks. Given the current price of official and independently published ASL related material, what do you expect to spend on ASL related game components in 2020? By...
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    I Now Have Enough Opel Blitz Trucks

    Several years ago I had a scenario idea that would need 46 Opel Blitz trucks. Now, with the arrival of Croix de Guerre, I can finally finish this scenario design.
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    Leader location in a stack

    The question of where a leader should be in a stack will vary greatly depending up on the situation. This is especially true when there are combinations of broken, concealed, cx, different levels, pinned, prep fired or first fire counters etc. in a given stack. My leaders will regularly change...