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    looking for teacher/opponent

    You can contact me too if you like. PBEM is ideal for me too. I enjoy the whole CM series but CMAK is my favorite.
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    Start that first game

    Welcome! We are happy to have you join us. I don't have either game at the moment but I am going to order Gettysburg and when I do I'll have a go at it with you.
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    Opening Fight!

    I really enjoyed your AAR and it concinved me to get this game! I have been enjoying the French and Indian Wars game by HPS and I'll now get Gettysburg too. Thanks again for your terrific AAR...very expertly done.
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    Adding a bit of balance to Tannenberg

    I like the idea of one turn shorter best...
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    Keef on the TV!

    I don't disagree that many of the wars of the last few hundred years have been motivated by a variety of factors. But a simple comparison of the number of people living in freedom today vs. that figure even just a hundred years ago is in the hundreds of millions of people. And in almost every...
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    Keef on the TV!

    If you receive PBS from a US station you will probably get it in Canada. My guess is you do get PBS from Buffalo or some other border city.
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    Keef on the TV!

    Hi Guys...Keef aka Eric Weider here. I did tape the Tucker Carlson show yesterday and it seemed to go well...although I had a 102 degree fever at the time. I hope I hid that I was suffering...I think I did. :-) We talked about the War on Terror in historical context. I subscribe to the...
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP

    I think I am going to ask the tech guy at the office on Monday! I am going to make a mess of things here!! Thanks for your help!
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP

    Thanks will try...mucho thanks!
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP would i turn that off?
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP do I unblock a port? I don't think i have a seperate router. thanks again!
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP

    Yikes...the applet didn't work! :-( I am not sure what a commandline is...i know i am a tech idiot! I connect to the internet via satelite. thanks for trying to help me out...what should i do now?
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    Please Help! Re: TCP/IP

    I am trying to have a game over the TCP/IP but neither my opponent nor I seem to be able to connect to the other's computer. We used the IP address that CMBO gives us and I also tried the IP address that i got from So any advice how we can get connected? I...
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    Armchair General supports NYS ASL Championship.

    Good luck with your tourney...wish I was there to join you!
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    Salute when you say that! That's GENERAL Keef!

    You should be! I had quite a hot date with her last night. My friends here take good care of me! :smoke: