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    Hedges and HEAT

    Per B9.36 (last sentence), "Hedges do not create HD status.". Ed
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    Surely dumb question about VBM

    This is also the way I interpret Rule D2.31. Ed
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    Shoot the messenger

    EXCELLENT COMMENT. I am sick and tired of seeing Americans die in some third world shithole because politicians want to "flex some muscle".
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    OVR attacks

    Back in early 2018 (I believe) the below Q/A showed up in "Perry Sez" and read as follows: Q. "An AFV fires its MA as bounding first fire during its MPh (retaining ROF) but does not fire its MG armament. According to Rule D3.3, the result is that it does not place a bounding fire counter but...
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    Wall/hedge - different treatment of LOS and TEM?

    I believe the rules cited could be read to support either view, particularly B9.1. However, I also am more than happy to play the rules either way. Thanks for the comments.
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    Wall/hedge - different treatment of LOS and TEM?

    I have always played that the wall/hedge artwork extending from a hexspine into the next hex is purely aesthetic in nature and does not affect LOS. Rules B9.1 and B.1 support this as I read them. I don't believe there has ever been a Q/A that addresses this, but I do believe there has been...
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    Assault Moving in Open and Concealment

    So Concealment would not be lost due to the presence of a Hindrance (i.e., no FFMO) per A10.531. I had completely missed the reference to A10.531 by A12.14. Ed
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    Assault Moving in Open and Concealment

    Rule A12.14 says (in next to last sentence of last Paragraph), "The presence of a LOS Hindrance or beneficial defensive DRM (such as TEM and CA change DRM) along the LOS to a concealed unit does not prevent loss of its concealment.". Thus, no FFMO if a LOS Hindrance (i.e., Brush/Grain/etc.)...
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    SR/FFE Blast Height and Rooftops

    The next to the last sentence of the first Example in Rule C1.62 reads, "(Thus even had the SSR landed in W3 he still could have seen it.)". In the accompanying illustration for the first Example the round is at Level 0 in W3 and the Viewer is at Level 2 in W6 with Level 2 Hexes (W5 and W4)...
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    A25.223 Becoming Berserk & Timing.

    Rule A15.41 LEADER CONSEQUENCES says, "When a leader goes berserk, he must (after first resolving any fire attack vs any other targets in that Location)..." Ed
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    AFV case J and Motion Status

    Rule C6.1 states Case J applies if the vehicle, " in Motion status during that Player Turn...". Case J would apply. Ed
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    Delay fire onto same hex former Melee

    See Post 1 and/or Post 8 as basis for Delay MPs. Ed
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    Delay fire onto same hex former Melee

    Rule D3.3 BOUNDING FIRST FIRE (4th sentence) specifically states a vehicle may expend Delay MPs at the start of its MPh. Ed
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    Straying and Wide Boulevard

    I have in my notes that Wide City Blvds and Runways are not exceptions to Straying but that Graveyard Roads and Narrow Streets are. I do not remember if this came from Q/As or a consensus here on this Forum. Best I can do. Ed
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    Bypass and TCA

    Note that A4.34 also directs the reader to C.5 as well. Ed