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    More Dummy Fun

    You missed an important point. OP given concealment can ONLY be placed in concealment terrain when setting up. It doesn't matter if it is used to conceal real units or make dummies, if your opponent sets up on map or not (or has already set up on the map). See A12.12
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    Rout questions

    Generally I would agree with JR, however depending on the morale of the units the squad may not have to take the LLMC, and while I can't come up with the details right now it might be possible for the leader to be eliminated for failure to rout while the squad could rout.
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    Senior moment (another one)...

    When you reposition your sniper you can move both of them, but they must be at least 15 hexes apart (or as far apart as possible per CG8) as well as meeting the other placement requirements.
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    CC leader creation (again!)

    While a hero shares the status (CX, etc.) of the MMC that it came from I don't see anything that says the same for a leader so I would say the leader is not Berserk.
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    Question on hinderances

    As I understand it W16 is +4 for smoke (+3 +1 for firing out of smoke), X15 and Y15 are +2 smoke +1 orchard so the net effect is +4 smoke, +1 orchard (and -1 hero). Fred
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    A25.223 Becoming Berserk & Timing.

    You need to resolve the effects of the attack before determining if a unit goes Berserk. See A15.41 "When a leader goes berserk, he must (after first resolving any fire attack vs other targets in that Location) attempt to change any ... other friendly units ... in the same Location to berserk...
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    Pre reg and cloaking counters

    Don't forget that per C1.6 if the concealed/cloaked units are not in concealment terrain they are considered Known to the Observer if in LOS of the Observer.
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    Berserk Movement

    I would think they would move together for 6MF. If the one squad can then still continue charging (i.e. they are not in an enemy location), they would spend the rest of their 8MF. Fred
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    Moving After Breaking and Then Getting HOB

    In the first case the Berserk unit will charge normally. In the second case the unit may continue moving (assuming it still has MF). In both cases the unit has already used some (or maybe all) of its movement before breaking which will limit its movement at this time.
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    OB Given ? in Combined Veh/Inf Location

    You can put 1 concealment counter (of either size) on top of the entire stack. It will make all the units under it concealed.
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    Bypass tanks and AT mines

    Actually infantry can help the tank exit without taking a minefield attack, but it requires completely clearing the minefield, not creating just a few trailbreaks.
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    Shallow Stream Transformation

    Normally I would say DD6, EE7, EE6, FF6, etc. are River hexes, not (shallow) streams nor Ponds. As either River or Pond hexes the woods in those hexes has no effect on movement nor combat (I can't find the rules reference that says to ignore small bits of terrain that extend into adjacent...
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    Crazy Sh*t that keeps happening in DTF playtests - Motion Riders in CC !

    Per D6.22 the 527 attacks at 1.25 (5 quartered). Fred
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    I read and play the rule as ALL MF costs of entering the first location are doubled, so it is 4MF in the APh or 6MF total in the MPh since you have to pay the SMOKE costs.
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    Japanese Hand-to-Hand with an AFV

    Not quite right, the -1 DRM you are thinking of only applies to HtH attacks. See G1.64. The rest is correct. Fred