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    OBA SR questions

    A, B and L are voluntary loss of contact so an LOS to the blast height matters to keep the SR. C, D, E and I are involuntary loss of contact so an LOS to the blast height doesn't matter the SR will remain. F and G depends on what the new leader does. Handing off/recovering the radio doesn't...
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    British Carrriers and capabilities

    The crew (actually a HS) can fire the PIAT instead of firing the MG. Recovery is free and automatic. There is no recovery dr as long as the PIAT is still stowed. If it has been removed and dropped in the Carrier it must be recovered. Yes. A passenger leader can (usually) direct the Carrier MG...
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    6,6 and FL

    If I understand your question the rule doesn't exist that I know of, if you roll a 6,6 and don't cower (leadership, British, etc.) while firing your IFP and not your MG you can still fire the MG later in the turn. There is a rule that if you SFF your MG (and squad) are marked Final Fire even if...
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    CC and snake eyes.

    Had your leaders jumped the Germans (on your turn), then you rolled 'eyes first you could immediately withdraw before the Germans rolled their attack and they could only attack anyone left in the location (i.e. probably nobody).
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    Passengers once crew abandons

    Yes you can stay in/on an abandoned vehicle although that was likely to not be the typical case. And to the extant normally allowed they could fire including vehicular MGs.
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    Early War ROKA BAZ repair?

    I would say no since they never broken, they are just eliminated.
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    mines and MP expenditure

    Neither minefields nor residual FP attack an unit entering the location more than once regardless of the number of MP/MF spent entering the location. Minefields will attack again (usually) when the unit exits the location. Residual FP can in specific situations attack again if more MF/MP are...
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    Another canister question

    BS does apply with canister since there is no TH DR and it is not MG/IFE fire. Fred
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    Concealment & CC

    1 correct. 2. They keep concealment. 3A Since the Germans are concealed they announce that the will (or will not attack) before any attacks are announced, not all units have to do the same thing. Any units that announce that they will attack lose concealment at this time (before attacks are...
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    Canister vs all occupants per A7.4

    Canister will affect friendly units in the targeted locations (and because of the way the dice gods work are more likely to die.)
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    2 questions

    Since you have an alternate Hex Grain HW you can only step sideways if you enter an enemy unit location which would prevent you from entering another location. You are entering the woods, not the bamboo so you only pay 2MF. The (not so) little bit of bamboo in Z20 doesn't matter for this. It...
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    Passenger on an abandoned vehicle

    Did they forget the MG? I don't see why they can't, although they want to consider entering it as a crew.
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    More Dummy Fun

    You missed an important point. OP given concealment can ONLY be placed in concealment terrain when setting up. It doesn't matter if it is used to conceal real units or make dummies, if your opponent sets up on map or not (or has already set up on the map). See A12.12
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    Rout questions

    Generally I would agree with JR, however depending on the morale of the units the squad may not have to take the LLMC, and while I can't come up with the details right now it might be possible for the leader to be eliminated for failure to rout while the squad could rout.
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    Senior moment (another one)...

    When you reposition your sniper you can move both of them, but they must be at least 15 hexes apart (or as far apart as possible per CG8) as well as meeting the other placement requirements.