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    Crew Survival and FFE

    Units in a vehicle that is destroyed and pass the cs would not be attacked again by the OBA during that phase under C1.51. (Of course they could be attacked during a later phase of the same turn.)
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    The woods (or other obstacles) in your location don't usually block you LOS leaving that location. There are exceptions such as when in Bypass but not here.
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    Question of Leader on Top for Fire resolution

    In CC the leader has to be on top of the unit it is attacking and defending with, but not at other times.
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    CC and broken units - how to

    You can attack both broken units and unbroken units with the same attack (with different DRM). You can also attack withdrawing units and non-withdrawing units with the same attack (again with different DRM). In your case you can make one attack against everyone with different DRM, but since you...
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    Usually there is a way to avoid interdiction, but sometimes it is necessary. You may not be able to surrender (only an AFV adjacent, NQ, OG) and you don't want to LC since it means you are still in the open.
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    Basic questions for today

    It isn't a ROF, it is 2 FT one on each side. It is similar to many tanks that have a CMG and the BMG. They both (usually) get to fire in a phase.
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    Climbing LOS along hexsides

    Through and along are different. Both French units can see the climbing unit. A unit in FF30 could not see the climbing unit at any level since the LOS crosses the cliff hexside. As for the second question, yes the attack would effect both climbing units.
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    A11.2 and A11.22 Infiltration During an Attempt to Withdraw From Melee

    My answer is based on another version of the question. If it was just the 2 HS's and the Attacker rolled eyes, and didn't withdraw the Defender still gets its attack. If the Attacker does withdraw there is nothing for the Defender to attack and so it loses its attack. In this case the British...
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    A11.2 and A11.22 Infiltration During an Attempt to Withdraw From Melee

    I would say 3. Since the squad wasn't part of the infiltration they can't withdraw immediately, only the HS (and any leader) can. The Germans can then make their attack on the squad and the covering unit isn't there any more. I can see an argument for 2 since the covering unit was there, but...
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    MTRs vs AFVs?

    Just don't so many shots that your opponent wins. I know a guy who shot his MTR so much his opponent got a lot of snipers which killed much of is force. :giggle:
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    Allied Troop Deployment

    The end of A2.9 says "if the nationality is capable of Deployment" so I would say only the Romanians are counted for the 10% limit.
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    Clarification of VCs for WO28 Dean's Defiance

    I think you mean 64 - (3*2)=58, but otherwise you are correct.
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    Area target type TEM vs bypassing units

    The wall TEM apply even if the LOS doesn't cross the wall. B9.34.
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    RB map - large white center dot?

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    Trench - Unusual Question

    As with foxholes in a gully they are IN the gully and therefore can't also be in crest status.