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    Attacking From Smoked Hex to Smoked Hex

    The last sentence of the rule 23.3 states the limitations of placing/throwing a DC but is not all inclusive in its statement alone. The examples clarify the implementation of the rule which allows the placement of the DC as long as the units are ADJACENT, regardless of smoke, there is no room...
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    Attacking From Smoked Hex to Smoked Hex

    No Busser & Klas are incorrect. Since adjacent is more general statement of a condition and ADJACENT is more specific one a DC can still be placed in ADJACENT Locations {See the first sentence of A23.3 and A.8} but not necessarily in adjacent Locations. That is to say for example if a unit with...
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    Fires and perimeters in RO

    I believe jrv has pointed you to the pertinent rules whereas 11.6095 is for Factories, it does not say Factory hex, but Factory. The same is true for 11.6094 Buildings, NOT building hexes. Per the attached graphic you have supplied it seems as if you misunderstand this basic principal as you...
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    Advancing Fire Team - Biazza Ridge

    Seems quite explanitory to me. If you've got italian counters from other sources you can't use them as Hollow Legions is specified (may ruin the aesthetics of the game otherwise). I suppose one could use the desert boards if one wished and then try and convert them with other overlays to match...
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    Deliberate malfunction

    The base rule reference for this is A9.73 SW SELF-DESTRUCTION: A SW/Gun/vehicular-weapon may be destroyed or deliberately malfunctioned (instead of firing it) by the unit or inherent crew possessing it during any PFPh/DFPh in which the weapon and possessing unit would otherwise still be allowed...
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    Quick FT vs. AFV question RE: Concealment

    Klas is correct as well as Bob in that RF11.6191.c) only allows a Russian AFV platoon to set up HIP in concealment terrain and does not include the ability to be concealed otherwise anywhere in the rules that I have been able to find.
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    Ukrainian Army Commercial- 'the shovel'

    VERY interesting to me as I just had a send off for many of my friends (Infantry advisors) headed to the Ukraine.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played two decent scenarios lately, the first a week ago I delayed in posting an brief AAR because of my poor performance, the one on this Monday was a nail biter with DR12 swings. Last week my weekly nemesis Curtis "Buzzsaw" Brooks and I had at J117 The Triangle. This was a must play scenario...
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    Playing the SASL system against itself

    I've actually done ASL scenarios using a modified version of this approach when playing solo as it takes some of the full control away from you. I think Barking Monkey has some good points about SASL only play but could be addressed by using differing colors of S? counters to represent...
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    Silly After Action Report - Parting Shots

    Yup, checked it out later. (I've got a good memory, just darn short that's all);)
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    Silly After Action Report - Parting Shots

    You may want to check Chapter H for the IJA mortar as I believe it only fires dispersed smoke and looks as if you gave it a full strength (+3) smoke. Note it wouldn't stay around as long either.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Noticed you're using the BFP counters for the Polish with a higher broken morale for the infantry and increased AF for the FT17s, was this a balance provision between you two?
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    A12.41 question

    Correct for the FANATIC unit as it does not have to take the PAATC, however in this instance I believe the Ldr applying his leadership DRM does lose concealment (See A12.141 especially the EXC & the EXC within the EXC refering to 12.41).
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    low crawl

    Assuming just the stated facts are relevant (e.g. the unit is not forced to rout and the woods is a valid rout destination), I believe the unit must select the woods as its rout destination if it elects to rout. Since by moving to the ADJACENT woods hex it would not be attempting to avoid...
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    Wall advantage

    As well as B9.324 as an adjunct!