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    Firelanes and dust

    I just think of them as soft or hard hindrances and it usually answers my questions on FL hindrance effects. YMMV
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    Ponyri scenario suggestions?

    There's a good BFP Ponyri scenario from the High Ground Pack HG-10 Stampede At Hill 253.5 that has several of the "Ferdies" in it. I did a brief AAR of it quite a while back if you're interested in a brief review...
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    A10.62 Desperation Morale

    A quick check of Klas' latest compilation found it in there as an actual Q&A to Perry.
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    CC, Ambush, Concealment, broken unit

    And Berserk drm as well for Ambush. drm CAUSE +2 Cavalry, Vehicle, or in Pillbox +2 Above Bank counter +1 Above Panji counter +1 BU or Stunned AFV (each) +1 CX, Lax, broken, pinned, or berserk (each) +1 ATTACKER in Jungle, Kunai, Bamboo -1 Stealthy -2...
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    Assuming it has an IFE equivalent (e.g. 20mm only - as I do not believe there are any other ATR's with IFE equiv.), all that is required is to get a CH to destroy the gun & crew (C11.52) and no additional DR on the IFT is required. As noted previously, the confusing part of the ATR effects here...
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    Newb Review of Croix de Guerre

    I like what he's done to the place.
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    Newb Review of Croix de Guerre

    And a small island named Malta.
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    Croix de Guerre Counter Organization

    I try not to store my rule book in the same container with counters. It gets a bit ungainly.🤣
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    Italian OOB

    Flame war? No. A bit of nudging perhaps.;)
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    Brevity Assault AAR

    Just because you're getting a little older I wouldn't call yourself dim.:giggle:
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    RO CG I Started

    Not by rule, it's not a map edge and I don't see any boats provided to land troops/supplies on the waterfront.
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    Designers' Response to Desperation Morale Review of "Death To Fascism" scenario pack

    I've thought about just increasing the CVP for those systems to let's say +1CVP per 5PP capacity and/or inherent SW and +1CVP per T# capability (could even modify this based upon capabilities). This could allow the owning player the option of retaining the equipment on-board or withdrawing it...
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    RO CG I Started

    Just different. Personally I think the west-east drive into the factories is a fools choice for the Germans unless opportunities presents itself. Drive to crush the Soviets flanks early (heck, let 'em win the the 1st CG pd even) and isolate the major factory area from board edges (they'll be...
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    RO CG2

    Not to mention the force multipliers (OBA, smoke-brining-StuGs, SWs, etc.) are certainly in the Germans favor, especially at the points of contact that are dictated by the Germans.
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    Scenario Setups for Red October/ Red Barricades

    You don't want to use any of mine. I've gotten clobbered almost every time!😰