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    Looking for VASL Campaign Game of KGP-I

    If going for KGP you may want to download the slope play aid from Mark's Desperation Morale site. This is as good as the rules and is much more understandable (Note these play an important part in the HASL and shouldn't be dismissed as "not a standard rule, so I won't use them")
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    Unarmed MMC

    A11.1 ...Units in different terrain features of the same Location (such as foxholes) still engage in CC with each other. There are no TEM or LOS Hindrance modifications to a CC attack DR, nor does PBF/TPBF ever apply to CC. Unlike Fire attacks, CC is usually simultaneous, so both sides attack...
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    Reverse Bypass

    Note however that once you have traversed a narrow street in one direction you cannot use use Reverse movement (or any other vehicular movement) in the other direction in the same MPh as you have established a one lane direction restriction (B31.11).
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    B28 Mines

    Since DR/dr that would have no impact on the game cannot be made simply for the purpose of obfuscation there would be no need to place a TB in each hex traversed unless called for by the rules that would normally require a TB. For entry into minefields a player would make a DR/dr upon entry into...
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    Destroying an Anti-Tank Ditch

    In my experience (only) and from basic engineering standards of the US Army a basic A-T Ditch can be created by digging/dozing a ditch 4 to 10 feet deep and about 6 feet wide with non-sloping sides to prevent the traverse by tracked vehicles though many varied these parameters by use of berms or...
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    B28 Mines

    Yeah, Nearmiss got two of my best tanks with minefields the last scenario we played. I was just kind of wondering if he has a thing for vehicles in minefields.:eek:🤣
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    Routing offboard - Exit VP for that?

    He could be in CC and Withdraw off-board (seen it done).
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    B28 Mines

    I haven't used a secret DR/dr for some time but I would never ask my opponent to verify the strength of the minefield, You get some intell but if the DR/dr is low enough it still maintains a healthy FOW.
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    B28 Mines

    For a vehicle if they had the ability to actually neutral steer (each track going in the opposite direction) I could envision exiting rather simply by following your entrance tracks as one could spin the AFV within its own radius. However I believe most tracked AFVs of the time did not possess...
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    B28 Mines

    Rule wise there is no minefield attack for simply changing a VCA in a minefield (perhaps a neutral steer movement?), so if retaining sufficient MPs I don't see why the vehicle would necessarily have to reverse move out using the TB. And B28.61 certainly implies that a partial TB is still a TB...
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    B28 Mines

    YES you may by using the TB created when entering a minefield (B28.61 TRAIL BREAK: A TB may also be used to show fully-tracked AFV movement into or through a minefield [EXC: the TB may not be placed if that AFV is using VBM]....A unit exiting a minefield hex via a TB in that hex is not attacked...
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    Destroying an Anti-Tank Ditch

    Earth moving vehicles (e.g. Dozers) cannot breach these either. However, as a reality argument a squad of men with E-Tools (entrenching-tools) were expected to create a one vehicle wide breach in the average A-T Ditch (e.g. not reinforced with concrete, logs, etc.) in about 10-15 minutes. There...
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    ASL verses ASLSK - A question

    I too believe it was supposed to be its own game and subsequently its own game system. As with most games of the period there was little indication other than a cursory thought that the squad based cardboard game system would catch on other than with the usual small crowd of gamers interested in...
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    Do you have to bring on items listed in your OB?

    It was answered by a Q&A many moons ago. Yes, they may be left off-board.
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    Smoke Dispenser and Defenisve Fire

    Yes, you can fire a sD, sM, sP, sN or using Crew Smoke (D13.35...Smoke Grenades (A24.1) using the same rules as attempting to fire a Smoke Dispenser (13.2-.3)...) without expending a MP of your vehicle. Per D13.2 ...During the opponent's MPh, a smoke dispenser usage attempt can be made...