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    #36: TuomoFest II

    That's my ploy against Gerry, final fate yet to be decided. Still looks daunting though.
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    MMP Updates 2021

    I find it mildly amusing that board 77 (7's being usually considered a lucky number) would be included in Journal 13 (#13 often times being considered an unlucky number). Perhaps the juju of double 7's offset the bad juju of 13? :unsure::giggle:
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    CH/KIA breaking other units in the hex

    I would certainly like to agree to this interpretation and have played it as such previously. However, I have been ruled against at a tournament when using this same justification. The ruling was they were considered separate attacks as one (or more) units are subject to the CH attack and other...
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    Broken in CC

    So if breaking is an action, are units in Melee immune to breaking in the first place?
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    CH/KIA breaking other units in the hex

    If additional units in the stack are not subject to the CH they would not automatically be broken should the Leader be subject to the CH and subsequently suffer a KIA as they were not subject to the same attack (last words of A7.301). This is similar in fashion to a stack containing a unit with...
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    OB designated concealment counter question

    Almost but an actual non-dummy unit is not necessary in a stack to allow it to split. In a single stack there is only one concealment counter, the top most one, all other "?" counters are dummy units ( Unit: Any game piece or Counter with its own MF/MP allotment and normally capable of movement...
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    Broken in CC

    Not saying that was a better option, just an option I believe was available at least at the beginning of the RtPh.
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    Broken in CC

    I guess that comes down to an interpretation of conducting an activity, I do not believe self breaking meets that criteria.
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    Broken in CC

    During the preceding RtPh he could have self-broken and attempted to withdraw with the broken MMC as his breaking wouldn't have necessarily meant his immediate elimination (correct, he couldn't have routed during the RtPh). However the 458 could have chosen to attack both the broken MMC & the...
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    Broken in CC

    Answers to above: Yes, per A11.15. Yes, per A11.15-.16 & 11.2-.21. The 458 is now a Melee unit and may attack in any number of ways. a). attack all German units in a combined attack applying effects DRMs as appropriate to each defending unit. b). attack the Pinned Leader only at 4:1 and...
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    OB designated concealment counter question

    Just had to reply to another player that had the same type of question. My response to him to help him visualize the process is always consider the top most "?" counter as a concealment counter and any other "?" counters below that as Dummy "UNITS" wherever they may be arranged in the stack. One...
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    Night ASL suggestion

    As Prep Fire and Defensive Fire counters are provided already and serve as Gunflash counters as well there is no need for additional Gunflash ones. Gunflash counters are usually used to denote where a MG or ordnance has fired from and had retained ROF.
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    Silly After Action Report - Tough as Nails

    Noticed that as well but didn't want to pile on too much.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Recently played this one (lost as the German in a big way) but had little difficulty with the SPATs as I engaged them with the Panthers and took them out relatively quickly. However they did force the Germans to move their Pz IVs with some caution early that allowed the U.S. reinforcements...
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    Ideas for Starter Kits?

    In the day of few boards, and mounted ones at that, the WoA deferred to overlays to probably cut costs/weight-of-the package. As has been verified by many on this forum there is a natural tendency for aversion to the use of overlays in the first place and the lack of any aesthetic terrain...