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    You might like this article then. "Donald Trump has transformed the decayed carcass of the Republican Party into a cult. All cults are personality cults. They are extensions of the cult leaders. The cult reflects the leader’s prejudices...
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    That reminds me of a clever joke:
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    (yesterday) 'Bring them Home!' (today) 'Send them Back!'

    Fast forward 24 hours... "Remember when Donald Trump tweeted that he was 'trying to end the endless wars?' That was yesterday. Today he's sending thousands of troops...
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    Impeachment Trump tried to do stand up comedy in Minnesota last night, imitating a guy having sex with his girlfriend. Yes, indeed that. I can hardly believe we have a POTUS who acts this way. He...
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    America - at a Crossroads
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    A.P. Fourteen.

    We can not have enough boards. Of all the 'new' component types that can still be produced - new mapboards and scenarios are fun to have and the whole object here is.. fun. We have the counters, we have the rulebook. New boards stimulate scenario design - as Evan says. Pete, Evan, Bill...
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    America - at a Crossroads

    "They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later cause they own this fucking place! It's a big club, and you ain’t in it! You, and I, are not in...
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    The corruption and cover up continues

    We can't have the State's official propaganda organ not staying on message.
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    What did you do during the war

    Ask yourself this - when was the last time a Kurd helped you with yard-work?
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    America - at a Crossroads

    I agree that there's quite some space in terms of events between now and dictatorship - and yes, there are unmentioned other checks (ie. military intervention) that could prevent that from happening. Nevertheless, such things aren't unheard of in history and to imagine that America is immune...
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    America - at a Crossroads

    It would be hard to overestimate the crisis that now exists in America. Here's what we have: a President who believes himself above the law / ordained by God his private political party behind him - unwilling to challenge him mainly because they fear for their own careers 30-40% of the...
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    What did you do during the war

    Trump has no friends. As such he has no appreciation for allies. He has no appreciation for why they're needed. He believes, like a fool, that he and America need no friends. Following a fool like Trump will lead us all to ruin.
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    Thanks to the GOP and its easily duped voters - billionaires now pay a lower tax rate than working people.

    Interesting and accurate list of traits above. In relatively stable social situations these are merely obnoxious traits, but in unstable ones they lead to all kinds of terrible outcomes.
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    Trumping Truth

    Trump is the master of lies, disinformation, and fantasy alright. But I suspect that while Trump's supporters are most susceptible to his kind of lying; a very dangerous kind, most Americans fall into other kinds of 'thinking traps' which are also made to order.
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    Trumping Truth

    Or - 'How does Trump Get Away with Lying So Much? My theory is: People are very afraid these days. Deep down they're afraid of: Economic collapse Environmental collapse Political collapse Other people taking my stuff - (my sh*t gets collapsed) Much of this is unconscious. And when...