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    Racing to third

    You can say that again, brother. And there is no mere coincidence in the states that suffer most from poor economic conditions are the states where Trump supporters live. Desperate people take desperate chances. Their suffering leads to all of our suffering. None of us are immune to the...
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    Truth - optional under Trump

    Trump's followers believe what Trump says - not what is evidenced by facts. There are a lot of Trump followers too, which in itself is dangerous but also represents a whole new paradigm for America. They just love this guy. Too bad for the rest of us! Sometimes, a cartoon says it all...
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    I see. I understand the idea of letting someone prove they're a fool before you call them one. As for leadership of the free world, I agree there too, but now that such a title is based on money-getting vs. being a beacon of freedom and decency for the free world, I think we ceded that...
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    Christian Nationalism

    Good piece. Yea, it's about the continued fight about people's rights, but it goes beyond that issue. It's about a number of things. Part of the story is about a Scots-Irish world-view that pervades the south and other parts of the country. good read...
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    I was waiting for that. I'm familiar with Kennedy's and Clinton's sexual indiscretions - at least as far as an ordinary person can be. To answer your questions - Yes, Yes, Not so much, and Yes. To be a good person and president doesn't require purity or perfection. That's common sense. To...
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    Christian Nationalism

    Right. The guys who lost our Civil War in 1864 never put their weapons down. They're still mad, feel cheated, and want revenge on the infidels.
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    Uh oh. This leads to a question - I wonder how many people and what kind of people voted for Trump who thought both things; 1) that he might make a good president, and 2) knowing full well that he was an immoral con-man and scoundrel? How could anyone think a good president could also be an...
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    Christian Nationalism " if politics is a spiritual battle between God and demons from hell, who cares what statistics from the Commerce Department say — or what any of the impeachment witnesses say?"...
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    Christian Nationalism

    I agree the movement is an international one, but this doesn't minimize the effects in America where it originates and where it's the most impactful. It flairs up in troubled times, and we're seeing it right here, right now. It's authoritarian ways attract the confused and downtrodden. We'll...
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    The sad thing is that this only matters to those who have sense enough to recognize it. Trump could be caught on tape ordering a hit on his opponents and it wouldn't matter to his followers. Cults, cult leaders, cult followers - that's a whole different place where this doesn't really matter.
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    Framing the difference

    Obama is an apologist for the oligarchy. Lets not get too radical here - might upset the bosses.
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    OK, I would agree that we need more progressivism. Trump played the populist - and we can see where that landed us. That HRC lost the swing states partly because of the low African-American voter turnout - that's a new one on me, but after looking into it - it appears to be one of the...
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    It will continue to happen until it is stopped

    Aside from the obvious hypocrisy of the comment, what a depressing comment it is. It pretty well summarizes why things have gone to hell in a handbag, I suppose. I think the adage - 'what goes around comes around' sums it up in terms of what happens when you don't care about others. If we...
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    Christian Nationalism

    You have and it's a good one.
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    Christian Nationalism I've been a watcher of this for a long time - the rise of Christian nationalism. Years ago, I didn't imagine it would get this far, but what did I know? The merger of Christian nationalism and...