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    Tell me more about the Advanced Tobruk System

    I play ASL, What is ATS. I have never heard of it ...Can anyone give me a crash course in a PM
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    What boardgames have you played recently?

    In flanders fields.
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    Crucible of Steel, or Festung Budapest

    Which should I buy, I would like very much like pros and cons of both, by people who have played scenarios out of both, I just bought Valor of the Guards, so I do not know if I should buy another campaign HASL module. Please shed some insight and personal preference / stories. Thanks
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    ASLSK Opponent

    Looking for someone to start at ASLSK Scenario 1 and go all the way to the end. on VASL, I figure this will be a good way to learn everything about the game in time. After SK, It would be fun to play with this person in full rules. I figured this would be a good way to take two new people and...