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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    This only happens around the equinox.
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    Some routing and a CC question.

    It’s actually the end of its next MPh per A4.51 (second to last sentence)
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    Advance into a location for CC and are broken by your own OBA

    They were Russian after all.
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    Two questions

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    Two questions

    Discord, what is this discord server you speak of?
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    Sleaze freeze, riders, TCA, first fire, and CC!

    They got distracted chatting up the barista when they went to get coffee and forgot to take care of it.
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    Game Reviewers are Lazy

    I certainly agree that more information is better, but even when I've read multiple reviews on a game that leads me to believe its good, I am disappointed more often than not.
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    Game Reviewers are Lazy

    Its a shame that generally all I have to go on is reviews in deciding which games to purchase (demo's aside because many are either decontented or time constrained such that I don't feel confident that I have the total picture of the game). Game purchases for me are pretty much a crap shoot...
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    Game Reviewers are Lazy

    Well said. The problem I run into with game reviews is that the reviewer's definition of deep strategic game play and my definition don't usually match. I suspose it has to do with the fact that most gamers agree on what looks/sounds cool, but there are broad differences of opinion on what...
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    Game Reviewers are Lazy

    Reviewers, in my experience, do not value the same things a game that I find important. Many are dazzled by the eye candy, cool explosions and sound effects - which are nice, but what I am really interested in is deep strategic game play. Now, granted, an FPS or MMO is not my cup of tea (maybe...
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    Sox and Yanks

    Aren't you short a couple of bases and have one too many batters?
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    Question on Slopes, Hedges and Elevation Changes

    A question on the LOS affects of hedge/walls, slopes and elevation changes: On the Stoumont Map does a unit in X28 which is upslope to U30 have LOS to U30 even though there is a hedge on the V29/W29 hexside? (I think yes as hedges are only a half-level obstacle, but upslope is 3/4 level...
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    Howabout this one: "You got the f'ing Duke?!"
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    Would that be "Wild at Heart?"
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    What Movie Did This line Come From Trivia

    I can't quite recall the name of the movie, but I think it was one where Nicolas Cage was her ex-con boyfriend.