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  • Just sitting here contemplating how little game time I seem to have these days. Along with that, as my game time has diminished, my expectatations have increased in proportion. So I spend less time playing, but when I do I expect more from my investment. Which probably goes a long way toward explaining why so few games make my list these days.
    Was all set to spend two weeks in Paris, however, with the riots and many tourist attractions being closed, I was forced to change my plans. So I'll be going back to Rome instead.

    Rome is one of my favorite places, but I had been looking forward to seeing the Louvre.
    Thank you for taking the time to search your system and respond.
    With the benefit of hindsight and experience, I would now prefer to withdraw my association with the request.
    I am writing on behalf of an ASL gaming friend of mine who has been unable to activate his registration.

    From Ian Kenney
    I hope you can help with a problem completing my Gamesquad registration under the username: ikenney and email: ikenney@ntlworld.com
    I did this a month or so ago but despite my best efforts, re-entering the data in ‘My Account’ and anything else I can think of, I have nev receiv
    Dr Zaius
    Dr Zaius
    There is no record in the system of any member with that username.
    I’m standing in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Great food here, but it’s hot.

    Of course I just downed a half a bottle of white wine, so there’s that...
    Not a good day for me. Sometimes everything just goes to crap all at once.
    Dr Zaius
    Dr Zaius
    And I thought this morning was crappy. Spent 8 hours cooking Mexican carnitas, then sliced my hand open in the kitchen. Had to throw the food out because there was blood everywhere.

    It’s bandaged up but still hurts.

    What a day.
    Recovering from surgery this morning, and I’m still just a touch groggy and weak. Pain meds are working, but I can’t take a bath for three days. That’s annoying.

    As if surgery wasn’t enough to deal with, on a totally unrelated issue I broke my toes on Saturday and now have to wear a cast on my foot for the next four weeks.

    It seems my plan to lose weight and get in great shape for summer has been derailed..
    Dr Zaius
    Dr Zaius
    I didn’t expect to be so weak. Just laying around sleeping is wearing me out.
    I will respond to you in time on your post in the Youtube Ads thread but I wonder if you have seen this video: John Oliver on Net Neutrality
    "I don't want any guns. What I really want is a really good katana. Yeah, I'm strange."

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