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    Nor'easter (Virtual) XXV in the books (Well except for one game)

    Any chance you could publish the scenario statistics? Or feedback on what scenarios were well recieved or those that were not.
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    Post Your Results for Rally Point 18: The French Army: Friend and Foe on ROAR

    Played 4 so far. I thought they all favored the French to some degree, if not significantly. I will post to ROAR.
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    My ASL year in 2020

    All face to face for me, 22 scenarios reported to ROAR, went 16-6. Got in a handful of playtest scenarios and got about halfway thru the Smith's Ridge CG before giving it up. Highlight of the year from a pure fun point of view was DB140 Beasts at Baruth.
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    HASL map storage solutions

    Blueprint storage cabinet, large flat drawers. Rarely if ever used anymore. Most are steel and HEAVY, some are wood. Come in a bank or 5 or 10 drawers. Each drawer will hold multiple maps. Usually very cheap because no one wants them (I assume). Mine was free, just needed to pick it up...
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    BoF2, SV and Roma 2020

    Anybody have a list of changes (balance updates) from orginal SV and FrF to the new versions?
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    Hatten Advice

    The Americans should play ultra conservative. Conserve units at all costs. Give up space. If Americans can avoid large losses early, they will have overwhelming numbers in the late scenarios.
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    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    All St Louis games have been entered on ROAR. Please double check your games for accuracy and enter ratings. I think I entered them all correctly, but near the end I started to glaze over.
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    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    Posted list is final. ABS is done, may not be released until on site. Maybe I can post here this weekend?? I am keeping busy with work. It was all I could do to get the ABS done last week, been putting off since I didn't know if tourney was on.
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    According to my records, I have played this classic 4 times. Amazingly, I have played the Poles all 4 times. I lost twice to local opponent Shawn Ettleman and won against David Lamb and Curtis Brooks.
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    FfS Q+A

    For Smith's Ridge, when spending the initial 80FPP, I assume the CG date maximum purchase limits still apply? If so how do you purchase 15 trenches? 15x7=105 FPP to buy the CG max. I can only buy two trenches initially, 14 FPP. But then there are only 70 FPP left to buy the remainder of the...
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    FfS Q+A

    Anyone??? Guns can set up on map in Battle of the Barricades, but not in Smith's Ridge, or does footnote 7 allow you to set up on map?
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    FfS Q+A

    What is the on map cost increase for a "G" group? 11.6194 says 1CPP for KPA "I" RG, says nothing about other RG types. Seems odd most other CGs let you set up guns on board.
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    FfS Q+A

    Question on Smith's Ridge KPA reinforcements, I assume footnote 7 only does away with the sector restrictions? It doesnt allow you to set up on map for free? All G groups have to enter or pay extra for on map set up?
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    St Louis ASL Tourney July 24-26, 2020.

    All the information for the 2020 St Louis ASL tourney can be found here I know everyone is hunkered down right now trying to get thru the virus pandemic. Its a shame the KC and Chicago tournaments were cancelled. July is still several months out...