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    my First AAR (GIUK)

    I lost two submarine: One swiftsure (British) One Los Angles Class, USS Albany :( At least, I was able to damaged one of their airfields. GUIK Rapier 8.1 Background: NATO fears the overwhelming power of Soviet cruise missile attacks launched from long range land based bombers. Most of...
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    Task Force Fenwick

    Note: This isn't an objective mission, yet, I am well aware that we failed to meet JSOTF's over-all plan to conduct a rapid raid against a terrorist training camp, which is running by Ansar Al Islam cell, with a minimum casualties, and obtain irrefutable evidence of its true nature on timely...
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    Task Force Davis

    Three M1A1D and One M3 CFV lost to OPFOR artillery bombardment (we cannot to "spot" an OPFOR unit who observe the "continuing" artillery bombardment.) One M2 IFV (mopping-up operation) lost to small arm fire/RPG (surviving OPFOR unit in south sector) One AH64 CS lose to small arm fire...
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    Biggest AAR so far: TF Gallagher

    Nice AAR! :)
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    Team Murray Redux

    Interesting.... Now that's something I have to think about or remember about whenever I play against other opponent via PBEM or LAN
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    Team Murray Redux

    That got me somewhat confused & don't understand why it didn't fire, even it have a thermal sight. Bug? So, I decided to put one ATGM unit in north, and one ATGM in south in order to create a "lethal" cross-fire w/ATGMs. Yet ATGM units failed to halt his advance.
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    Team Murray Redux

    thanks, Dhuff! Here it is: Note: Red X is my TRP(s)
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    Team Murray Redux

    I just found out its too big (screen-shot) (689 KB) :(
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    Team Murray Redux

    What?! I did upload a screen-shot/attached it. Umm-mm...I have to try it again...
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    Team Murray Redux

    Here it is:
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    Team Murray Redux

    Cool movie! How do that? I would like to add it to your AAR, so others can see mine.
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    Team Oslon

    To perfecting my battlefield skill/tactics against (AI) OPFOR elements Edit: its Team Ostle, not Team Oslon SITUATION: Interdict operation A USMC tank company reinforced with a rifle platoon (mech) must conduct a mobile defense against an approaching OPFOR reinforced tank battalion. OPFOR...
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    Team Murray

    Hey, Mox! I like your AAR! Something I have to remember, know your enemy - Sun Tzu, Art of War. For example, I didn't know that I did "eliminate" sole unit that have thermal sight in the South Flank! Its part of "fog of war" I guess. Keep it going, Mox!
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    My first TACOP4 AAR <grin>

    Thanks, man! Dogma one, out.
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    My first TACOP4 AAR <grin>

    My first TACOP4 AAR (After Action Report) Note: I have a question for Major or anyone: How can I make a screen-shot of battle(s)? Map: Basic Training Situation: USMC company sized reconnaissance force is moving East on a road in the northwest corner of the map. An OPFOR, which we...