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  • Hi Dave good to hear that evans doing well, I cannot make it then as I am working in Den Helder in Holland at the moment and not due back till the following Monday. will let you know if there are any changes tho.
    Dave will be back in Scotland around the 4th of May if you are free that week let me know.
    Hi Dave,

    Good game last week. I eventually got around to sorting out the board and counters on Sunday morning. I had no chance of winning.... unless you let me play the rest of the game with one dice (die)......
    Too many 658s ready to rally next turn :-(

    No gaming this weekend. I may have to resort to GT5 on the PS3.

    Next game??



    Thanks for the game at the New Year. Good to get back into ASL after such a long break. It's sad refelection on me and my work/life balance that I hardly ever have to time to even vist the forum these days. Steve and I are heavily into 'The Burning Blue' at the moment (Battle of Britain 1940). After that I think it may be ASL....


    Hi DJB,

    Not sure why you added me to your friends list, dude. But thanks any way.

    Sure seems a friendly forum.

    Rock out
    Thats Good for me, John is at Grenadier, lost 2 won 1(as his favourite Italians!) so far
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