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    ASL SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2020 (February 26th - March 1st)

    Damn, there go my chances of winning a scenario! 😢
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    Supporting Fire 2019

    Thanks as always to Andreas and all his elves who help organise this great tournament! And thanks to my opponents who ensured I had five fun games, even though my results were not quite so impressive as Michael’s 🤪 It was a great idea having General Horrocks introduce the Market Garden round!
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    Trigger finger discipline?

    ‘The most dangerous weapon you will ever see on the battlefield is the one in the hands of the man beside you.’ True whether they are waving a sword or an assault rifle.
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    April 9th film

    The Danish army used a version of the MG-42 as the standard squad LMG/MMG until about 5 years ago, so I expect that the filmmakers simply borrowed some of those.
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    AAR - Demolition Men - DB078

    Best thing about the Yugo was that it had electrically heated rear windows, so you could keep your hands warm while pushing it! 😆
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    ASL Musings

    Play to the end! At this year’s Supporting Fire I played a game where I was sure I would lose, then sure I would win, then lost. The tipping point was when my opponent said he would turn the malfunctioned AT gun to point at the two adjacent tanks, “just in case I repair it “... you can guess...
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    Swedish Friendly Fire AAR Sep 2018 (the overview / information)

    If you’re worried about how to get to a Swedish tournament, and don’t want to prepare, then Supporting Fire is the answer. Fly into Copenhagen and hitch a ride north to Borås with the Danes! We were 5 this year. And being an all blind tournament, merely bring your dice and play! That said...
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    Only two weeks until Supporting Fire 2018!

    Very cool! See you tomorrow!
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    Only two weeks until Supporting Fire 2018!

    Looking very much forward to this! We will be a strong Danish invasion force this year, with at least 5 making the trip north to Borås to the best all blind tournament I know of.
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    SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2018 (February 28th - March 4th)

    Both the short and the long first round are nearing completion, and despite already being down 0-1 it’s hard not to be delighted to be here again. Great turnout again with well over 40 braving the cold- EC are ground snow.
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    Supporting Fire 2017, November 17–19

    it could have gone either way but the stabbing by the Japs were over and the Gurkha got the last stabbing victory with their hvy Gurkha knives. [/QUOTE Closed I’ve EVER gotten to beating Mel, and proves that a lot of luck can go a long way, just not quite far enough this time! Next time...
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    Sweden and Denmark

    Left a message in the "start a conversation" function. There's a very active ASL community here in Denmark and Sweden, so sure you will get a game or two in if you want that. Despite the somewhat dodgy weather there is lots to see and do, but remember to bring your woolies.
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    Supporting Fire 2017, November 17–19

    I'll be there, and so should you! It's a blind tournament so no need to practice those scenarios 10 times... :)
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    Operation Vegetable - Historical Salad

    Red Budgiecage
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    20th ANNIVERSARY - SCANDINAVIAN OPEN 2017 (February 22-26)

    Thanks to Bo and Michael for yet another fantastic tournament. Looking forward to the next 20 years!